What's the fastest processor that my mobo can take

  Red Devil 11:18 15 Mar 2003


I've got an Asus TUV4X mobo and according to the specs on Asus's website the fastest processor that my board can take is 1.2GHz +. Does that mean that 1.2GHz is the fastest that it can take or does the + mean that 1.2GHz was the fastest available when the board was released but that it *could* take faster processor's when available?

If it can take faster than 1.2GHz, just what is the fastest processor it can take?


  powerless 11:27 15 Mar 2003

It can take upto a 1.4Ghz CPU. The Celeron in this case.

It can also except a 1.2GHz P3. Since BIOS 1003.

click here and enter the details and see for yourself.

So it the fastest it can take is the 1.4 celeron.

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