What's a dongle? And do I have one?

  mitey_won 18:50 13 Oct 2004

Joking apart, am looking at upgrading my graphics card. Been browsing thru the various fx5900 and 6800 models and alot of them cite the following blurb..."An available hard disk drive power dongle (smaller floppy disk drive connector is not sufficient)".
What does this mean???? Is this to connect the card to the mobo in another place in addition to the pci slot(s)? I am assuming a dongle is a connector hanging off the mobo and is of a size normally required for HDD's?


  Dorsai 19:06 13 Oct 2004

I think it means that the Card uses so much electrical power that a standard AGP slot cant cope. SO you have to plug in an extra power cable, of the same type used bu HDD's to supply the card with electric.

But Where dongle comes into it i dont know. The power connector for a HDD have a name, but not dongle.

a dongle is another thing compleatly.

  JonnyTub 19:07 13 Oct 2004


  Dorsai 19:11 13 Oct 2004

That is the word that was on the tip of my fingers, bot would not drop out, and land on the key-board.

Cheers JT

  Androcles 19:11 13 Oct 2004

Never heard of it myself,but look here:-click here
Dongle - Wikipedia Regards.

  Dorsai 19:14 13 Oct 2004

Yes, Androcles, that IS a dongle.

A very effective answer to software piracy.

The program wont run, with out a special piece of hardware, in effect a key, plugged into the PC.

I didn't bother saying what is was, just what it wasn't.

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