Whats the difference between Unix & Linux

  suburban train 17:21 30 Jan 2007

HI All

I have been wanting to learn Linux for sometime but everytime I search on Linux Unix comes back.

I thought both were different?

  Rtus 17:25 30 Jan 2007
  recap 17:30 30 Jan 2007

Linux is a kernal, Unix is a type of OS. Unix is a registered name so Linux cannot be described as a Unix OS however you will hear Linux described as a Unix like system. One thing to bear in mind is that Linux is NOT an OS it is just the kernal the GNU (recursive acronym for GNU's Not Unix) is what people often confuse as being 'Linux' this is however the command line and tools that interact with the Linux Kernal.

Unlike Unix, Linux isnt made by any company or single group of people. Linus started the Linux Kernel, and ultimatly has the end say in what happens to Linux, however it is programmed by a global network of people who simply code for the fun of it.

Linux is just a kernel. A kernel is the first thing loaded when you boot, it controll's all hardware, and contains all of your drivers.

GNU is software, Like the C, C++, Assembly and other compilers, also libraries, and other base things that run on top of the kernel.

  suburban train 17:45 01 Feb 2007

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for your responses, things are much clearer now!!!

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