Whats The Difference Between HP CD055B & HP C309G

  Legslip 15:31 13 May 2010

The C309G is the dearer but the images on sales sites for the two appear the same. No help from HP I'm afraid which should put me off buying it but before I consider cancelling or purchasing, can someone tell me the difference please?

  northumbria61 16:12 13 May 2010

I have looked at the two specifications and personally I can't see any differences. I would just go for the cheaper option if it is for normal home use. Don't know what prices you have seen for either model but how about this from Tesco's ?

click here

  Woolwell 16:18 13 May 2010

Having just found this at Tesco click here I wouldn't worry too much about the difference. One seems to be business the other home but otherwise identical. I found the HP site confusing over the issue.

  Legslip 16:37 13 May 2010

Thanks people. Yep the HP site is VERY confusing and you cannot speak to them over the phone to get the matter sorted. The price difference is around £80 - £90 so something must be missing on the cheaper one, but what?

  Woolwell 17:00 13 May 2010

Just to cause further confusion have a look at Amazon C309G click here and then scrool down to product details and you find the product number is CD055B!

  Legslip 17:12 13 May 2010

Been there, done that! Crazy ain't it?

  Woolwell 17:35 13 May 2010

The more I look at this the more convinced I become that they are the same product click here
If you go the HP site for the CD055B and then click on data sheets/documents you will find that it refers to the C309. When you open that document it tells you that it is the CD055.

  Legslip 21:12 13 May 2010

Thanks Woolwell. Think you'll agree it is all very confusing but going to take a chance with Tesco's and the CD055B. It's for a friend and if any good I might get one myself at that price.

  northumbria61 23:37 13 May 2010

I think we all agree it is very confusing and crazy - and no help from HP suggests they don't know either- you would think that their Customer Service should know the difference - but apparently not !

Good to hear you are going for Tesco's and the CD055B or is that the C309 ?????

  Legslip 23:44 13 May 2010

Hi Northumbria,

Can't find out if HP know as they do not accept enquiry calls regarding multifunctio printers from their 'domestic' customers. Obviously we are not important enough. They refer you to their web site WHICH doesn't answer the query,

  northumbria61 08:25 14 May 2010

click here

Use this LINK to contact HP. Go to heading E-Mail HP - Questions before you buy - Select your product - submit your query on the form provided. You MAY get more sense this way.

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