Whats the difference between file systems?

  BigMan24 13:38 14 Sep 2004

Hi there,

I was just wondering what the difference between the two file systems NFTS and FAT32 (i think thats the names) are?


  ventanas 13:40 14 Sep 2004

ntfs removes the 2gb maximum file size that fat32 has. Also allows encryption and security features, and is more stable.

No doubt others will add more.

  BigMan24 13:52 14 Sep 2004

so basically ntfs is better then?

do u know why is fat32 used as default on my computer?


  ventanas 14:02 14 Sep 2004

You need to be running XP; NT or Win2k to use ntfs. If your PC uses one of these versions and is set to fat32 from purchase, that would be a manufacturers decision. It's easy to convert if you wish to.

  BigMan24 14:52 14 Sep 2004

Thanks very much!

  joeltr 19:07 14 Sep 2004

sorry to hijack this thread, my file system is fat32, if i change to ntfs will the appearance on my monitor still look the same? thanks joel.

  stefan-194811 20:45 14 Sep 2004

im not sure but i think if u convert to ntfs from fat32 u might have to do a clean install, but dont take that as gospell

  ventanas 08:19 15 Sep 2004

No you do not have to do a clean install. I have converted a number of systems without any problem, and nothing has changed.

Just open a command prompt and type:

convert c: /fs:ntfs

Assuming the drive letter is "c" You will probably be told that the conversion cannot take place because the drive is in use. Choose to convert at the next restart, and do just that. You will need to know the name of your drive, eg local disk or whatever as you will have to type this in. Answer yes (Y) to any other questions.

  joeltr 12:04 15 Sep 2004

thanks very much for that, joel.

  cga 12:15 15 Sep 2004

You cannot convert back from NTFS to FAT32 without some partition management software.

The only real advantage of FAT32 is that more Stand alone bootable disks can read it. Not enough benefit to avoid conversion of your main partition to NTFS but something to be aware of.

The 2Gb file size limit on FAT32 still exists in some software even when the file is on NTFS.

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