Whats The Difference?

  SABRE 12:27 25 Mar 2004

Between Windows Messenger & Microsoft Messenger?

What one places a small icon in your system tray that looks like a pawn off a chessboard?

What one bombards you with messages of dubious content?

  anon1 12:41 25 Mar 2004

They are more or less the same. go click here and download shoot the messenger and then no "messages of a dubious nature" hope that helps you

  hugh-265156 12:48 25 Mar 2004

anon1 is talking about the messenger service.

this is not the same as windows messenger and msn messenger which are chat programs and these two are quite similar to each other.

  SABRE 13:06 25 Mar 2004

Sorry HUGGYG71. Think you have only added to my confusion. You say anon1 is talking about the messenger service. Which one or is there another?

  hugh-265156 13:27 25 Mar 2004

i believe you are asking whats the difference between the windows messenger and msn messenger chat programs yes? if so there is very little difference between them.

the messenger "service" mentioned by anon1 is a completly different thing.a lot of people confuse them.

  hugh-265156 13:31 25 Mar 2004

this is msn messenger click here windows messenger(built into xp) looks and works quite similar.both are chat programs.

this is what the messenger messenger service looks like click here its not a chat program.

  SABRE 13:43 25 Mar 2004

Thanks Huggy. Think I'll kill 'em all. They are far too dubious for my liking!!

  Djohn 14:26 25 Mar 2004

huggyg71 is spot on! Get rid of the second one from the post at 13:31. the other Messenger is OK to leave and use or not use. j.

  SABRE 09:03 29 Mar 2004

For your help and assistance. Greatly appreciated!!

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