Whats the cure for a slow PC (Silver surfer)

  austin4404 16:38 02 Nov 2012

I have a problem in that I have fibre optic about 30 mg but my pc still seems to be very slow, I have the free avast loaded but when I click on any thing the icon at the bottom spins around quite a lot and seems to slow everything down. I somehow clicked onto speedmax pc and it said that there was literately hundreds of things needed sorting out. After down loading I found out it was £24.00 as I was a bit wary and scared I went no further. Is SpeedMaxpc gen! or is there a better way. Perhaps avast is needed to be changed. I would be very grateful for any advice please.

  iscanut 17:43 02 Nov 2012

Avast is fine, don't pay any money and leave Speedmax alone. Download CCleaner and run it as well as the registry cleaner and see if that helps. Download the FREE version of Ccleaner.


  BT 17:47 02 Nov 2012

In the first instance give your PC a good cleanout with CCleaner. Use the free download with the default settings to clean out old files.

  woodchip 21:43 02 Nov 2012

You are talking about two different things, BroadBand as nothing to do with how fast you PC runs.

First press Start then Run Type in the Box MSCONFIG press Enter key then click on Startup Tab You will see loads of programs starting at Boot Up you need to un-Tick as many boxes as you can, leave Avast running and any other security. You should only run one Anti-Virus as that can also slow your PC and stop it working. after you reboot pc put a tick in the left corner of box that pops up then see how it runs. you may need to go back to the above if you find something you need running at boot and put a tick in the box for that program then reboot again

  austin4404 23:06 04 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies I have tried the fist two with cc cleaner, but no better.And the option by woodchip is Im afraid a bit beyond me Regards Ray

  bluesbrother 02:37 05 Nov 2012

Instead of using MSCONFIG you can use CCleaner. Have a look at the screenshot of CCleaners Startup Tool.

Its here, fifth one down

As woodchip said, 'You will see loads of programs starting at Boot Up you need to' Disable 'as many as you can, leave Avast running and any other security. You should only run one Anti-Virus as that can also slow your PC and stop it working'

If you are not too sure of what you are doing, you could go through the list one at a time, reboot after each one to see what you have stopped. If its something you need, just restart CCleaner and Enable it again.

You will be surprised how quickly you realise it is not beyond you at all.

  griffon56 10:50 06 Nov 2012

I agree with BluesBrother, I've been using CCleaner for years and find it a doddle to use and I'm 80. Using MSconfig to re-configure the StartUp menu can be time consuming as you find by trial and error which startup programs are essential and which not. However, you won't harm your machine by modifying the Startup menu, you'll just take up a lot of your copious free time!

There's an answer on PCAdvisor at http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/20/beginners-tech-help/4178893/time-to-clean-hard-drive/ for a question on how to clean up a hard drive, with some very good advice on it from very respected members, all set out in easy-to-follow steps. I've bookmarked it for future use.

Regards, R

  wee eddie 12:51 06 Nov 2012

I'm another CCleaner fan, but you may need to do a little more than that.

You have made no mention of De-fragmentation. Over time, as your hard Drive fills, Windows has an increasing habit of placing the contents of files all over the place. Of course, it knows where they are, so you won't notice anything of this except for an infinitesimal increase in the amount of time each file takes to load.

Windows has it's own Defragger, but it is slow'ish. I use Defraggler which is probably quicker and may even be better. Whichever you use, if you have not Defragged for a year or more, turn off all background programs, including Screen-savers and all Energy Reducing Options and leave it overnight. First run of any Defragger, could be expected to take up to 12 hours, possible even more, depending on the size of the Disk and how full it is.

While typing that last sentence it occurred to me that if your Hard Drive is more than 3/4 full. It could become critically slow.

  lotvic 14:23 06 Nov 2012

austin4404, you haven't said what operating sys you are using and how much RAM - memory sticks. Are you using XP, Vista or W7 (32bit or 64bit)?

  austin4404 17:15 06 Nov 2012

I have so far been able to use cc cleaner to get on start up and been able to disable most things except asvast I have not noticed anything I need to enable as yet. I am on a HP compaq running XP anything else dont know Im afraid. Thanks for everyones help so far. I expect I need to defrag but I dont think Im up to that yet, Regards Ray

  wee eddie 18:57 06 Nov 2012

Defragging is a very simple thing to do. Just don't expect to sit and watch it happen, it can take hours.

So - Just before you go to bed:

In XP Start > All Programs > Accessories > Defrag - That is from memory as I upgraded my XP Machine to W7 about 6 months ago.

You can click Analyse if you wish., but it's not really necessary. Just click Defragment > Watch it while it gets going, just to see that all is moving along, Grab your cup of Horlicks and head for bed.

Just before you do that, this may amuse you Defragging an old Landrover I think that it qualifies as a Classic

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