Whats a click??.

  spikeychris 19:04 22 Aug 2003

As in distance in Vietnam war movies. Not PC but click is a PC word :o)

Bothered me for ages and just run a quick search, LOTS say its a kilometre (why would Americans use KM) and some say A click is 1000 meters or a grid square on
the map. NOT 1000 meters in land as hill / mountains etc are not true
to distance on a map.



  Peverelli 19:07 22 Aug 2003

So a double click is 2Km, a left click is a kilometer to the west and a right click is a kilometer to the east :O)

  jakedawe 19:08 22 Aug 2003

They use click for 1 kilometer (a throwback to the occupation in Europeafter WWII)

  powerless 19:08 22 Aug 2003

The amercians use km/h for vehicle speeds ;-)

A click is 1km.

  rev.bem 19:18 22 Aug 2003

Americans don't even know what a real gallon is.

  BURGMAN02 19:24 22 Aug 2003

I thought it was a camera.

  Mysticnas 19:33 22 Aug 2003
  rev.bem 19:33 22 Aug 2003

Definiton of Canadian.
Slim American with manners.

So much for this being a computer forum :0)

  Yabadaba 19:39 22 Aug 2003

in days of old it was getting off with a bird.
sorry!Ill go back to sleep zzzzzz

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