Whats This Called???

  Spex 20:29 25 Mar 2006

hi, im currently making a web game (puzzle)
which you can play by click here
(still extending)

and im looking to make it harder by hiding the links in the bar above the taskbar while on IE.

it has Done written i nthe corner at the moment, im need to know what the bar is called so i can search for a html or javascript the hides the writing/links or at least creates a message to replace it...

PS. please give feedback on my webpuzzle

  ACOLYTE 21:06 25 Mar 2006

I have no idea what the bar is called and im stumped on the yoyo bit(

  bloo meeny 21:08 25 Mar 2006

I'm sure that's called the 'status bar'.

The puzzle works well enough but then I only got to page 4 !!!

  GroupFC 21:29 25 Mar 2006

me too!

  SG Atlantis® 21:40 25 Mar 2006

I'm on like six or seven now.

what did ya get stuck on?

Good puzzle mate!!!

  GuZ><0r 21:41 25 Mar 2006

I got stuck on the yoyo bir.

How do you do it??

Also, soz don't no the name of the bar.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:43 25 Mar 2006

try a cetain directory enquiry number.

  SG Atlantis® 21:44 25 Mar 2006

think of a tv advert..... runners with beards, old people being carried off.

"got your numba!!!!!"

  SG Atlantis® 21:49 25 Mar 2006

click here

Less than 15 minutes and that included posting on here. It's good, any more like this?

  ACOLYTE 21:56 25 Mar 2006

I got past the yoyo after i caught on what it meant lol,now im stuck on the spook thing(,im crap at puzzles

  Spex 22:10 25 Mar 2006

well done guys. your proggressing fast...

any one need a clue? just ask.

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