What's the button for? Speedtouch 576

  jax55 13:23 10 Jun 2006

Signed up for aol platinum, got the speedtouch 576 and an installation disc. But nowhere does it tell me what the button in the middle of the front is for!!

Obviously things are working (via ethernet - wifi is a whole other story) but what will happen if I press THAT BUTTON?

Can somebody out there enlighten me,please?

  SANTOS7 13:31 10 Jun 2006

its a physical user registration button, which allows users to communicate and access data with efficient link quality and the highest level of network security..

  jax55 13:54 10 Jun 2006

Can you say that again? Data from where, and when would you press it? when accessing the internet, files,before you start... I know i sound thick but I'm having BIG problems with signing on to aol when wireless and don't want to add to my problems by pushing a button that I don't know about.

  SANTOS7 15:03 10 Jun 2006

First of all i would ignore the button you do not need it to connect normally..

From AOL's setup page

Are there special requirements for the Screen Name I use to set up my home
Yes. The Screen Name you use for configuring your router to sign on to AOL
must follow the following guidelines to avoid technical problems with your
a.. You must enter the full Screen Name in lower case
b.. You must add @aol.com after the Screen Name
c.. The Screen Name must not contain any spaces
d.. The Screen Name must have General (18+) access in
AOL Parental Controls (Mature Teen, Young Teen and Kids Only Screen Names
will not work for a router connection)
For example, if your current Screen Name is: FTG and HL24 The router setup
for this Screen Name should be: [email protected]
We recommend that you create a new Screen Name for your router to connect
to AOL. (If you use an existing Screen Name, then access AOL from a
different location using that same Screen Name, your router will lose
connection to the Internet.)
Are there special requirements for the password I use to set up my home
network? Yes. The AOL Screen Name you use for configuring your router to
sign on to AOL must use a password that follows the three rules below:

The password cannot be longer than eight characters
The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e., no spaces, or
special characters such as: ! £ ? % and spaces)
The password must be all lower case (no CAPITALS allowed)
click here
text is taken from link it may help...

  SANTOS7 15:11 10 Jun 2006

Hi jax55 i may have missinformed you about this button, after all is configured i think you have to press this button while the router is booting up..

  jax55 16:02 10 Jun 2006

Thanks for the input. I've got my pc, laptop and router communicating already. Used the Speedtouch site though as the "easy-install" disc from aol didn't seem to do it.

My next problem though (bet you're sorry you started this) is that I can't get a wireless aol connection on my laptop. In the aol expert set up I can't get it to find a connection that works, it wants to dial up and doesn't recognise any other device. I thought it would recognise the intel(r) PRO and use it to access the router but it's obviously more complicted than that. I've not heard good things about aol's helpline so I'm reluctant to go there. Sooo, any asstance with this would be welcome, ta.

  Dazza40 19:52 14 Jun 2006

I too had severe difficulties in setting up on wireless. If I remember right re-install AOL set up CD but when asked if you want wireless set up select No. Connect via Ethernet then visit the Speedtouch site. From there I believe i set up my wireless connection so to speak.
I believe that there have been other threads on the same subject which I found very helpful.

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