whats better 5200 256mb or ti2600 128mb

  [DELETED] 20:25 13 Apr 2006

questions in the title

  [DELETED] 20:36 13 Apr 2006

Never heard of a ti2600 so can't answer

  [DELETED] 20:43 13 Apr 2006

4600 even lol sorry

  [DELETED] 20:45 13 Apr 2006

5200 but they're both old.

  [DELETED] 20:46 13 Apr 2006

Well, the 5200 was nVidia's budget offering, but it's already been replaced twice (by the 6200 and 7300). It was considered less than adequate when it first went on sale. I don't see the point of buying one now.

"ti2600"? Do you mean ti4600?

  [DELETED] 20:48 13 Apr 2006

My 128mb ti4600 recently died and I replaced it with a 256mb GeForce 6200.

More than happy with the new card.

  [DELETED] 20:48 13 Apr 2006

Oh, right! The 4600 was nVidia's top card four years ago.

click here

It was a lot better than the 5200. Now, though? I wouldn't bother with either of them.

  [DELETED] 20:51 13 Apr 2006

If you were to stick to running older DirectX 8 based games my money would be on the ti4600 to be fastest.....by quite a way.

The 5200 nominally supports DirectX 9 but is nowhere near powerful enough to run full DirectX 9 features.

The higher memory on the 5200 would also make no difference as it wont run games at high enough settings to really use the 256Mb.

I certainly wouldn't be in any hurry to swap a ti4600 for any 5200........but the truth is neither are much good for up to date games.

  [DELETED] 21:02 13 Apr 2006

its just im building a pc from old bits that ive been given for a friend

ya know one of those make shift jobs only game he plays is ut anyway

  [DELETED] 21:21 13 Apr 2006

hmm ok i thought id test both

used need for speed most wanted

the 4600 runs it with better detail and smoother

the 5200 doesnt allow me to turn the rain effects or any form of shadows on

  [DELETED] 21:39 13 Apr 2006

sorry, my mistake in your last thread; some figures here
gf4 click here
gf5 click here

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