what's better?

  the flying monkey 23:15 02 Sep 2003

I've been split between which video card to buy. Should I go for the MSI GeForce FX 5600 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO at £125 or the Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB DDR AGP at £130? Please help. I've got no idea about what's what when it comes to video cards.


  bvw in bristol 23:38 02 Sep 2003

Choosing a new graphics card is not an easy decision. We've put together the THG VGA Buyer's Guide to help you with that decision. Our guide gives you an overview of all the latest offerings on the graphics card market.

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  CRAIGY 00:06 03 Sep 2003

The fx 5600 the one you was thinking of getting, is it the Ultra version? cause i built my girlfriends dads computer and he has the fx5600 inno 128mb and that only cost £90, and its not much quicker that a geforce4 mx card, bench mark is 7800 future mark 2001se. he has a 1800xp cpu 512mb ddr 2100. He got his card from here click here=

  CRAIGY 00:09 03 Sep 2003

i forgot to mention he is running WinME, he gets the odd crash when playing Unreal 2, i dont think the nvidia drivers are any good to play this game. I had the same problem when running MSI 440MX.

  the flying monkey 00:17 03 Sep 2003

I don't think it's the ultra version. there is this one though Gainward GeForce FX5600 256MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO for £128.00. Is that better than the one I was looking at?

  the flying monkey 00:20 03 Sep 2003

Dabsvalue Geforce FX5600 Ultra 128MB DDR AGP RP ViVo DVI VO £139.00. Would this be the best one out of the 4.

  CRAIGY 00:28 03 Sep 2003

I'm sure i read on Toms hardware that the amount of memory on the card doesn't seem to do much more than you think. On paper i would have Thought it would be a good purchase. I hve just see this one though and this is an Ultra. 128Mb Creative Labs 3D Blaster5 GeForce FX 5600Ultra Tv/DVI Retail £162.15
click here this is from scan computers in Bolton. They a a fair few of graphics cards to choose from.

  CRAIGY 00:37 03 Sep 2003

The one at dabs sounds good value. And its ViVo as well, cant be bad. if you want i could send you a few more sites to check out? I've only just got my Graphics card so i had to search the web for a few weeks looking at the different companys to get the best deal, Mines a 9800pro 128mb and its brill.

  the flying monkey 01:08 03 Sep 2003

yeah the 9800 sounds good but I'm not gonna spend that type of money on a video card. What does ViVo stand for?

  CRAIGY 01:18 03 Sep 2003

Video in Video Out, So you can record films you've made, onto your computer (Video in) and (Video out) to link your PC to your TV not just for films but you can play games on your tv as well.

  the flying monkey 01:39 03 Sep 2003

Dabsvalue Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb DDR AGP DVI VO £120.00. This has to be the best so far. anyone agree?

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