Whats the best way to have two OS's?

  fsssh 14:30 25 Jan 2003

i have windows XP home but i would also like to have something like 95 or 98 on the same pc so i can play all my old games on my new hardware. whats the best way to do it? i have an 80 Gb hard drive so i could easily fit win95 on there but i don't think it would like the NFTS partitioning. would i be able to get another drive, install that as a slave and install 95 on that on its own in FAT32? then could i choose which drive i booted up from? and would i be able to transfer files from a NFTS drive to a FAT32 drive? thanks in advance.

  Lú-tzé 14:51 25 Jan 2003

There was a comprehensive posting on this in the past by flecc. Perhaps someone has it in their postings - I will have a search for it, but someone may be quicker.

  Lú-tzé 14:53 25 Jan 2003

click here - for the thread I mentioned. Excellent and I am about to add it to my postings.

  fsssh 01:23 26 Jan 2003

thanks, im not so sure want them both on the same HD tho. can you select which drive to boot from at the startup? or can you only select from floppy, c: or cd? i would like to get a smaller, say 20gb, HD and install my old copy of win95 on it, and put it as d: although my dvd is d: and my zip is f: so would it put it as g? and could i copy files from one disc to the other?

  Mr Scone 01:36 26 Jan 2003

I had 2 operating systems on my PC for a while (by accident i might mention - long story) and i had no problems booting up into either of them. I had to change the boot up sequence each time i wanted to change OS though in the bios. This was simple enough (press del when booting to enter setup). I was also able to transfer files between HDD.


  Mr Scone 01:40 26 Jan 2003

...2 operating systems, on two separate HDD's,...

  wawadave 05:44 26 Jan 2003

windows 95-98-me need to go on fat 32. and need to be instald on c:drive. xp home can go on d: drive or else where. with xp home you do not even need to make the partion its on active it can install and run from alogical drive.95-98-m.e would have to beinstald first inorder to have its mbr instald first than xp and xp,s boot banager will than see it.and you will use xp,s boot manager to switch between systems at boot up. 95-98-m.e cannot read ntfs. but you can install on fat or ntfs. if on fat you can read and repair it from theother o/s

  Pesala 06:36 26 Jan 2003

Use drive caddies. See my double-post on the following thread:

click here

You need a spare 5¼" drive bay. Unfortunately, both of mine are used by CD drives.

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