Whats the best way 2 Send 50 mb of Jpg pics

  mulva42 23:56 26 Jul 2004

I have to send 50mb of pics downloaded from a digital camera to people who have dial up, As you know this will take forever. Is it better converting them to Adobe Distiller(pdf) and sending them? or is there another way???

  Chegs ® 00:18 27 Jul 2004

pdf files will be smaller(I think)and there are several free pdf readers about the www.

  sicknote 00:31 27 Jul 2004

Personnally I would burn them to a CD and post them. or if you do try to e-mail them break them down into small groups

  [email protected] 00:39 27 Jul 2004

if the quality is not vital then use a program to reduce the quality and therefore the file size.

XAT Image optimizer can do this click here

For the pictures that the person likes, you can send them the full quality ones

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:48 27 Jul 2004

As sicknote...burn onto CD, 1st class post...24 hrs.


  Chegs ® 04:01 27 Jul 2004

Just tried converting the jpg's to .pdf.Even after cropping them to include just the subject matter,they were still the same size.I added compression (Winzip) and they were actually larger as a zip file than before?Therefore,I would have to agree with Sicknote/Gandalf and suggest you bung 'em on a CD and post. :-)

  accord 07:08 27 Jul 2004

same as sicknote and gandolf. use the trusted postie, go on, make his day.

  mulva42 00:46 29 Jul 2004

Thanks Guys it looks if it's burning time !!!!

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