Whats the best upgrade chip and motherboard

  naggis 09:42 04 Nov 2004

I have a 750 celeron at present and would like to upgrade to something a bit quicker. The pc has all the necessary peripherals - dvd writer 80 gh disk etc. So I think all I will need is a new motherboard, chip and memory (512).
Has anyone any recommendations for the best value upgrade and who can offer such.

  hillybilly 09:50 04 Nov 2004

Any new mobo must be better then you have but, the guys who answer this type of question will want know "What are going to do with it?" Is it going to be a games pc or a number cruncher, perhaps mainly music or video recording? Tell 'em what you want it for.

  naggis 10:04 04 Nov 2004

Your right - feel a bit of a sillybilly.
The more difficult uses the pc will get are for editing video and handling pictures. There will be a some number crunching but NO gaming. Will something like an AMD 2500 barton do the job? Or can you get something better for not much more money. I don't want to spend too much.

  Gongoozler 10:29 04 Nov 2004

Hi naggis. I think an AMD Athlon XP2500+ will be fine for your requirements. I have found the Asus A7V8X-X a very good motherboard that should match the Athlon XP2500+ well. You will also need to buy DDR RAM if you are currently using SDRAM, and you will probably also be needing a more powerful PSU. You should be able to do the whole job for about £150.

  hillybilly 10:57 04 Nov 2004

"..feel a bit of a sillybilly"

Nobody is daft! Only if they do not listen when advised!


Thanks for the advice

  jimv7 11:03 04 Nov 2004

And check that you have a minimum of a 300watt psu at least, bigger is better.

  naggis 11:08 04 Nov 2004

Thanks guys, I'll check all the areas mentioned and see if I can get hold of the necessary bits. £150 seems quite reasonable for an upgrade - better than having to buy a complete new system,

  ACOLYTE 11:15 04 Nov 2004

DDR Ram is quite cheap at the moment a 512 stick was £47 at pc world the other week (PC2100) yet the SDRAM was nearly £80 for the same amount (PC133).You Should also be able to get a 3000 chip and fan for under £100 but i dont think you will need one that fast if you are not gaming.Im not sure if AMD still make the XP range any more maybe OEM stuff, they changed its name to somthing i just cant remember what it was.

  hillybilly 11:23 04 Nov 2004

"Im not sure if AMD still make the XP range any more maybe OEM stuff, they changed its name to somthing i just cant remember what it was. "

I'm stillable to buy OEM XP Athlon 2000+ up to 3200+ the 2600 upwards are all Bartons. The new name you referring to is Sempron, this is available in 2200,2400,2600 all with 333FSB.

  ACOLYTE 11:29 04 Nov 2004

Thats the name Sempron,i wasnt being funny im sorry if it seemed that way.

  hillybilly 11:33 04 Nov 2004

No! No! niether was I, I was just reminding you. Have a nice day! I'm now off to work.

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