What's the best TV Dongle for Windows 10?

  tallboy 16:49 23 Nov 2017

Until recently I have used a legacy August DVB-T205 dongle with Arcsoft's Total Media 3.5 to get TV on my PC. It was originally dsigned for XP / Windows 7 and has never been that reliable on Windows 10, freezing quite often and locking up the PC. It now seems to have packed up altogether and is not being 'seen' by my PC, so I need to buy a new reliable dongle (or card - the PC is a desktop) that is designed to work correctly with Windows 10.

I look forward to hearing of Any recommendations / experiences that other users have in equipping their PC with TV.

  difarn 17:31 23 Nov 2017

Just an observation. You don't need a dongle to watch tv on a pc in the UK. You will need a tv licence to watch live tv and also to watch BBC iplayer. You can access all catch-up channels and watch live tv via PC. I'm not quote sure what you refer to when you say a card for the desktop PC.

  tallboy 23:00 23 Nov 2017

Thanks for the post difarn. I do have an online TV app on my PC, but the advantage of the dongle / Freeview approach over the Internet connection is that it leaves all your bandwith free for other members of the family who may be using their PCs at the same time for downloading videos etc.

Regarding a TV card, Hauppauge (and possibly others) make a number of TV cards you can add to your PC, if you have a spare slot. I don't have any experience of these; I hope that others who read this post may have.

  difarn 23:49 23 Nov 2017

I have read that Windows 10 does not support the T205 but according to the reviews the new T210 works well.

click here

  tallboy 13:33 24 Nov 2017

Thanks for the tip-off difarn. I'm not surprised the T205 does not work with Windows 10 - it's quite a few years old now. I'll check out the T210 reports and probably buy it. It will be less expensive than a Hauppauge card and will probably work with my Windows 10 tablet if I ever need to use it with that.

  difarn 14:50 24 Nov 2017

Hope it works.

  Jollyjohn 15:35 24 Nov 2017

Please post an update once up and running. I currently have an excellent set up with a Pinnacle dual tuner card but in a W7 pc using media centre. Since Microsoft saw fit to drop media centre in W10 I am looking at options for when it comes time to upgrade. ( I did try W10 with a hacked version of media center but it was not stable and would not record. Pinacle or PCTV software was not any better on W10) Thanks.

  tallboy 23:28 24 Nov 2017

I'll certainly post an update here Jollyjohn when I've got / installed the newer dongle. I used to have a very good Pinnacle Firewire card on my XP system that I used with my digital tape video camera. I still have the camera; it has a 'proper' viewfinder so that you can take video in the sun, unlike the newer screen only cameras which are definitely inferior and a bit hopeless.

BTW Lorraine: PC cards may be a bit 'old school' but if they work OK, don't knock it!

  Jollyjohn 10:27 25 Nov 2017

TV Tuner Card in a PC. That’s a bit yesterday Yes it may be but if I buy a "Smart TV" I loose the ability to record. I know some allow a small amount of recording to USB but that is mainly for time shift purposes. The option to "Record series" would no longer be there. I know a smart tv connects to the internet and I could use the catch up option, when the programme becomes available, if it becomes available.

As for Kodi - I have managed to get it running smoothly when it comes to tv.

  tallboy 22:27 04 Jan 2018

Hi Jollyjohn I promised to report back on the August DVB-T210. I now have it installed and it is working fine with Windows 10. August are currently having a New Year sale so if you are quick, you can buy it at 20% discount. The ArcSoft operating software (supplied) is much as it was before. It's quite simple but so far it is working OK with W10.

  Jollyjohn 13:15 05 Jan 2018

Thank you for the update.

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