what's the best thing to keep my PC healthy?

  Not a Scooby 22:25 09 Oct 2005

I run a P4 3.06GHZ PC using XP with SP2 installed.

I have Tiscali 2mb broadband and run it through a wireless Netgear Router, 108mbps ADSL router, DG834GT.

I am getting warning when I play online about internet connection problems and some times get ejected from servers, this happens on a couple of titles now.

Nothing has really changed on the PC as this has happened so I don't put it down to any new software.

I havew tried a few programs as free down loads for REgistry fixing etc, but what is the best thing to do. Is there a single program you can buy that will test and fix all/most problems on your PC.

What's the best thing to do to keep your PC healthy and working properly?

I have got a test of Registry Mechanic and TuneUp that I'm testing but not sure if they are the answer.

Can anyone help/suggest anything?


  VoG II 22:27 09 Oct 2005

Are these like click here - if so just turn them off.

  Not a Scooby 22:51 09 Oct 2005

tried the link but but it doesn't seem to work. It says what ever the page is has moved.

thanks though

  johnnyrocker 00:01 10 Oct 2005

same as


  Belatucadrus 01:29 10 Oct 2005

Try this click here

  Not a Scooby 11:36 10 Oct 2005

why are all these links taking us to Virginia University... Is this an error!

If it's not an error can people please start helping not just droping junk on here for people to try an follow - I'm not interested in any university stuff!!!

  De Marcus™ 11:39 10 Oct 2005

No it's no error, they take you to this page for a reason, and that's to read and act upon the advice given on them. The above postee's are forthcoming with freely given 'good' advice, try not to insult them, they're here to help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:47 10 Oct 2005

They are trying to sse if you are suffering from messanger popups to turn off messanger pops:



in the run box,

scroll down to messanger, right click,

select properties and click the stop button.

Then in the startup type box, select disabled,

then click Apply,

exit the services window and you will nolonger be plagued by these popups.

  Not a Scooby 13:45 10 Oct 2005

I wasn't trying to upset anyone. I appreciate the 'freely' given help and as a regular user of this site I do appreciate the efforts people make to help.

As I said in my original mail the problem is that I get reports that I have an internet connection problem during certain programs running. This appears to have nothing to do with pop-ups - I also run Norton with pop-ups blocked.

It appears to be something to do with the connection to the internet. If I or my son log onto a server, fairly soon a message appears about the connection problem, often resulting in the connection being lost, or like a really baad case of lag. However, I never seem to experience problems when just using the web browser.

I wanted to know if perhaps one of the problems could be registry files, or something else. Is there a program that helps detect problems in XP, registry files, other programs that may be negatively effecting the PC and be abel to fix it. Given there are quite a few what can help the problem my PC has?


  sattman 15:36 10 Oct 2005

Does this problem happen only when you play games or is it also during general browsing?.

  Not a Scooby 13:04 11 Oct 2005

It appears really only during gaming. If I do normal browsing I don't get any form of error message. Although after a page loads am i right in thinking even if there was an issue I may not know about it. I assume the computer reports it only if there is an interuption in data transfer?

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