Whats the best size hard drive to run xp pro?

  triflesterms 08:26 17 May 2007


Im just about to buy a new hard drive though im not sure what the best size to get to just run xp pro on?
im considering an 40gb or 80gb & partitioning 80gb so i can keep mp3 seperate from windows until i get 2nd hard drive.
would windows run slower in paritition or would it run faster without partition? or would it just be better to get smaller drive just for xp pro?
if it runs just as fast in partition what size should i partition for xp pro?


  Technotiger 08:29 17 May 2007

Hi, the biggest you can afford! I always advise against partitioning. I have three quite large drives (one internal plus two USB external), none are partitioned.

  rawprawn 08:29 17 May 2007

If you are going to buy a new HDD, you are probably better in the long run to buy the biggest you can afford and partition it as you want.

  Technotiger 08:30 17 May 2007

PS - you should also have a good backup system, like Acronis True Image and save your backups to an external hard drive.

  rawprawn 08:30 17 May 2007

I see we agree, I was going to add 160/200GB

  Technotiger 08:33 17 May 2007

Also, to complete the setup, I advise having Diskeeper to keep your drive(s) fully defragmented at all times, diskeeper works silently in the background so that you can set it and forget and never have to do a defrag again!

  Technotiger 08:34 17 May 2007

Hi mate, absolutely - mine are 80Gb, 160Gb and 32soGb.

  Technotiger 08:35 17 May 2007

Ooops that last one should be 320Gb.

  rawprawn 08:38 17 May 2007

250GB External and 200GB in my Laptop. I should add that your recomendation about a backup (Acronis) is the most important of all.

  ^wave^ 08:39 17 May 2007

you dont say what your current system is you may find that older pcs cannot cope with large hard drives check your main board see what it can take you have to do bios upgrade

  rawprawn 08:39 17 May 2007

Doh, I'm getting as bad as you. 120GB in my Lappy!

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