What's the best option for PC repair?

  WGW 22:08 20 Dec 2004

My father's 4 year old Time PC has recently been causing him lots of problems (click here)and as there doesn't seem to be a solution, we're trying to decide what would be the most economic way to get his PC up and running again.

We're 90% certain the HDD is the problem but seeing as he was never given a Windows ME system disk with his PC I think he would have to purchase an OS disk with any new HDD. Is that the way to go or does he buy a cheapish new base unit, safe in the knowledge that he will definitely have an all singing all dancing PC c/w Win XP? Alternatively he could send it in for repair, but is that going to clear up his problem forever, and at a cheaper price?

If anyone has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated.

  Technotiger 22:17 20 Dec 2004

Hi, depends on how much you are prepared to spend. At my local pc shop I could buy an all-singing xp etc etc for only about £260 - with guarantee and safe in the knowledge that everything is in working order. Cheers, Merry Christmas. In my humble opinion that would be your best bet.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:30 20 Dec 2004

most likley a pc still with problems.
What you pay for is what you get.

I as system builder never tollerate cheap cos i don't want the comeback. I test all computers I get in very extensivly and repiar/rebuild/scrap and build new which is most viable.

With a 4 year old pc it doesn't really sound viable for a repair and I would advise my customer to scrap and start fresh. I you did spend say £65 on WinXP, £35 on HDD, £65 Lbr say £165 on a repair then 3 week or 8 months later your Motherboard fails its another bill.

Best to spend on a new base unit now and make sure you get a XP CD, All Drivers on each CD, and paper work. A Good warranty also (Mine being 3 years)

I often read of people skimping on repairs to save money and it does not always pay off. Trust someone in the Bizz.

  Dipso 22:34 20 Dec 2004

...I made myself a Windows ME disc for my old Time PC by copying the cab files from the hard drive onto a bootable CD. Unfortunately, it was a while ago and the links I had that could help are now dead. This is from a quick Google. click here

  gudgulf 22:43 20 Dec 2004

I'm with BlueStar* on this----it may well be the hard drive,but it could just as easily be the motherboard or memory causing the problems .All manner of hardware issues can cause corruption in Windows.On top of that you would get a more powerful machine by updating the base unit for not much more than the cost of a repair.

  Starfox 22:52 20 Dec 2004

Time to call it a day (pardon the pun) but at 4 years old I doubt it's worth repairing,buy a new base unit,it will be more economical in the long term I'm sure.

Another point is that Time used some components that were peculiar to their systems and spares may not be obtainable.

  TommyRed 23:01 20 Dec 2004

I also made myself a bootable XP disc as my system only came with a restore CD. The site I used is listed here, you may have to search for ME, as these were for XP click here I think you'll also need the full version of Nero which you can get on trial whilst you make the disk. HTH TR

  Giggle n' Bits 00:25 21 Dec 2004

but its going to drag in a lot of rubbish especially from a old pc. Don't bother.

Thanks M8 gudgulf & M8 Starfox someone in the real world of IT

Merry Christmas to all

  woodchip 00:32 21 Dec 2004

Why did you not continue with the other thread?? It looks like it may be the Hard Drive that is the Problem, if there is damaged clusters in windows or program files you will get crashes. So the first place to start to check is, double click on My Computer Right Click C:\Drive\Properties\Tools\Scandisk put a tick in the Box to auto repair any errors and do a full check of the drive. then come back to say what it found if any.

  WGW 00:59 21 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone for your expert advice. I think we'll probably go for the new base unit but it is interesting to know that I can make my own bootable disk if required.

To be honest Woodchip it was starting to feel like a lost cause with the previous thread. It wasn't my first thread on the subject either, the problem has been there for some time now and we would like to do something to finally put an end to all my dad's PC problems. We have tried scanning as you describe but it doesn't make any difference - when it runs the duration of a scan that is.

Cheers and all the best to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

  wx622 08:25 21 Dec 2004

I hope to god I never get a PC made by you...
But then again, you sound like you know ""everything"" there is to know.
I would advise people to get to know the sources of help before you take their advice.

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