Whats the Best non resource draining FW ,AV,,,,,As

  pokemom 01:59 29 Apr 2006

i myself would please if you could help as i find the antivirus and firewalls that we use are extrmly memory hungry ,and as both my pc home pcs ,its nice to have quick start ups etc...we have XP pro sp2 and on one pc is:mc afee firewall,privacy,
Counterspy(yr rec) expire in 3 days,also adaware ,and on the other ,mc afee firewall ( i like the tracing feature ,and i had zonealarm pro and i didnt keep out as much as mc afee ,Norman ,6 month AV,Norman adaware,6 month license ,good for if dloading pulling out trojans ,viruses before enters pc ,as such (well before install) but also very hungry +privacy service,mc afee ,Can you suggest something i can get rid of all this for some lighter ,just as good if not better software ,Please open to all sort of ideas ,Thanks

  rdave13 02:28 29 Apr 2006

Well this is my setup. Firewall- Mcafee. Antivirus is Avast.

Antispyware- adaware by Lavasoft. Windows defender(if it works)beta 2. AOL antispyware and works well.
Spybot search and destroy.
Spyware blaster.
Most of these are free and all googleable. Hope this helps.

  pokemom 02:48 29 Apr 2006

i know ewido is good but i takes ages to scan ,but do you not have to have AOL to get it i hear its very good ,i also have the full norton p\ackeg but dont use it cause i have seen so many write ups about it conflictin with XP ,is AVAST a good non resource taking AV ? and S& D is not suppose to be good ,i dont know now ,it just i read a lot of right ups and buy loads of mags but i fully admire these lads ,but recently they must have been busy cause they dont seem to answer my Enquires any more ,i apolygize if i have offended anyone !!

  User-312386 06:44 29 Apr 2006

AVG is free click here

Spybot is free click here

Zone alarm is free (turn off windows firewall) click here

CC Cleaner is free click here

Ad-aware is free click here

As you can see the above 5 are free and non intrusive

  Belatucadrus 10:59 29 Apr 2006

Anti Virus avast! click here "is AVAST a good non resource taking AV ?" Yes.
Firewall, I prefer Kerio click here , but if you want low resource use, have a look at the rule based ones like GhostWall click here or Look N Stop lite click here ( The last link is direct to the download ). Both extremely compact and very good, but with a steep learning curve if you want to use to their full potential.
Anti Spyware SpywareBlaster click here as it's a passive measure that sets killbits to block spyware ever getting on the PC it doesn't run as such and has no system load.
You could also try SpyCatcher Express click here not one of the better known freebies, but I've been using it for a dew months now and I like it.

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