Whats the best internet protection software?

  david889 18:35 30 Mar 2006

Whats the best internet protection software?
For example a personal firewall and anti-virus
can u recommend a program

  skidzy 18:38 30 Mar 2006

Zonealarm Free Version firewall
AVG Free version Anti virus from Grisoft

Both free and work well together.
Both can be found click here

  skidzy 18:40 30 Mar 2006

You may like to consider some antimalware/spyware programs too.

Spybot Search and Destroy
Spyware blaster

All these are very good and free,most on here will recommend them also.

All can found at click here

Ewido click here

  Tycho 19:00 30 Mar 2006

A squared is a good one for scannign for difficult to cure infections.


  anskyber 19:26 30 Mar 2006

To be honest the free ones are probably going to do the job very well with the "extras" offered by pay ones of modest benefit for the average home user.
That said I use ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite ver 6.1 which is an all in one, the paid version. Heres a review click here It is not difficult to get this for about £27 and compared to my previous protection of Symantec (Norton) it does not slow the system up and is very user friendly. I also use the free AdAware Personal edition and SpyBot Search and Destroy for weekly scans but these have not discovered anything (other than current session cookies) since I changed to the trouble free ZoneAlarm.

  anskyber 19:30 30 Mar 2006

I should have added that this is worth a look around. click here

  Totally-braindead 20:30 30 Mar 2006

Either AVG free or AVAST free for anti virus, ZOne Alarm free for the firewall, a couple of free anti spyware programs and a bit of common sense when surfing.

If you to a web site that doesn't look right, doesn't have a valid security certificate and wants to add something on to your browser or anything else for that matter, don't do it, just cancel it. As an example.

  joethebow 22:45 30 Mar 2006

Skidzy's right on the money. The only ammendment I'd make is that I use the McAfee firewall free with AOL, but that's just me.

My free Antivirus (AVG) and Spyware (Defender) update every day and I don't have problems.

Several of my friends have had problems and invariably they've been running paid for protection software.

Just because something's free doesn't mean it's inferior. Most Email clients are free, FireFox is free, Lots of good stuff is free. And if your into movies BS & VLC players knock spots of MP10. Then what about winamp with all those hundreds of radio stations on Shoutcast, all for free.

  phil46 22:49 30 Mar 2006

Never had a problem with AVG+FIREWALL.i think it's better than Zone Alarm.

  ACOLYTE 22:57 30 Mar 2006

I have to say that im not impressed with ZA Free,i had problems today with setting up ICS with it after about 2 hours i gave up,the help is nearly non existant unless you are willing to buy the pro version then you get lots of help pages,and im pretty sure by my experience that the free version does not "fully" support ICS,others may disagree,but i wont be using it again in a hurry.

  Ben 216 23:13 30 Mar 2006

I use sygate personal firewall, it's a free download, and having used ZoneAlarm and various others personally my favourite as it doesn't pester you about upgrading.... unfortunately they discontinued it last year, but if you can probably find a version to download from download.com or somewhere similar.

Anti-virus is Avast as mentioned above, i find it better then mcaffee which i only had problems with and it managed to pick up viruses AVG missed on my pc.

SpybotS&D click here is always a good scanning tool and should be run before or after Lavasoft ad-aware click here.

I also have spyware guard, spyware blaster click here and the google toolbar which has a built in popup stopper click here.

Works pretty well for me! but the best method by far is to control your sufing, avoid clicking free casino games etc., and always make sure you know what you're downloading before you accept it.

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