Whats the best graphics card that my pc can handle

  Chohano 17:26 19 Feb 2010

Okay, so I want to know what sort of graphics card my pc can handle. Can anybody recommend a few to me? I'm looking for one that can play the latest games on the highest settings (the price isn't an issue). However, im not sure if my PC will be able to handle it maybe because im afraid that my power supply is too low. My specifications are in the link below:

click here

  Technotiger 17:49 19 Feb 2010

If you are really into Gaming, I would suggest that you upgrade to a decent Gaming Machine ... click here

  ame 18:04 19 Feb 2010

Is it just me, or are there no PSU details in that link anyway?

  Chohano 18:21 19 Feb 2010

Thats another problem im facing. How do I find out what my power supply is?

  Technotiger 18:24 19 Feb 2010

The Wattage will be on a label on the side of the PSU. You might need to remove it in order to see the label, though sometimes only partial removal is necessary.

  Technotiger 18:25 19 Feb 2010

Actually, the label is usually on the Top of the PSU, rather than on the side.

  GaT7 18:50 19 Feb 2010

The PSU label can be on the top or side (depending on manufacturer), & the figures you want to look for is the total wattage & the Amps on the +12V rail(s). My guess is that it'll be 300W with ~15A on the +12V rail.

The best graphics you'll be able to use without upgrading the PSU - assuming the motherboard has a x16 PCI-E slot (another thing to check for) - is a GT240. And possibly a HD5670. They aren't bad, but not the best for games.

If you go for a suitable PSU & graphics card, then another thing to check for is the physical space you have for either. Especially the latter, as they usually come with a large cooler & can be quite long.

What's the rest of your specs like - CPU & RAM? The link doesn't give specific models/figures. G

  ame 18:53 19 Feb 2010

If you haven't looked inside a pc before, make sure you pull out the power cord from the back and then press the on/off button on the front of the pc after that to discharge any stored electrical charge. Also get rid on any static on your body by touching the pc chassis bare metal and bare metal of a radiator, say, to ground yourself before touching any circuit boards etc.

  Chohano 19:02 19 Feb 2010

Thanks for your help guys. I got the information that I need!

  GaT7 19:04 19 Feb 2010

"Thanks for your help guys. I got the information that I need!"

Can you let us know what this is please?

Did you check for a PCI-E slot? G

  GaT7 19:07 19 Feb 2010

"I'm looking for one that can play the latest games on the highest settings (the price isn't an issue)."

You'll need much better than my suggestions to achieve that.

You didn't get back about the PSU's figures. G

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