Whats the best free and pay forantivirus programs?

  FatboySlim71 23:21 27 Aug 2004

I was wondering if anyone could suggest which are the best anti virus programs the free ones and the ones that you pay for as well.

  alan227 23:33 27 Aug 2004

It is free so why pay for AV software.
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:49 27 Aug 2004

I run an alert list of 80+ people using AVG. They are all delighted and this is a much better survey than any lame 'lab' tests.


  Compassion 00:42 28 Aug 2004

I currently use avast Anti-Virus (click here). I have used AVG in the past. Avast updating seems more trouble-free, but iirc, the interface isn't quite as intuitive as AVG. I find the free, personal versions of both perfectly acceptable for the computers I run.

  flying grouse 01:03 28 Aug 2004

One of the best pay for version, click here

  TamiZ 12:40 02 Sep 2004

I use EZ-Armor security suite, which includes an antivirus and firewall. I managed to get a year's free trial (I'm still on that), but I think they only do a 3 month trial now. Then the full price is US$24.95 and it comes from Computer Associates. I have had no problems at all with it unlike many other antivirus/firewall programmes I have tried, e.g. Symantec (Norton), McAfee, AVG

  techpro 13:02 02 Sep 2004

You get what you pay for. AVG is second rate.

Kaspersky is probably the best AV at the moment - it has very good detection of trojans as well as viruses. Latest versions are getting a bit bloated. NOD32 is very good and uses low resources but has a tendency to false alarms and you need to use something else to scan for trojans.

  herc182 13:21 02 Sep 2004

can you explain second rate? the majority of people on this forum use it. do you refer to its ability to stop infection from viruses or the options that it comes with?

  techpro 13:28 02 Sep 2004

I'm referring to its detection performance. It has a high percentage of fails in Virus Bulletin tests click here . AV Comparatives click here haven't even bothered to test it. The experts on alt.comp.antivirus don't rate it at all, probably because of the number of people who use it and get infected and seek help in the newsgroup.

I think the large number of users here has more to do with the fact that it is free and was on the cover CD for a long time than anything else.

  herc182 13:40 02 Sep 2004

well now i am officially worried! so which do you use? Kaspersky? is there anything that is free at the moment that you (or anyone else) would recommend ? will root through other posts in the meantime....

  herc182 13:52 02 Sep 2004

actually i think the Kaspersky is free having just looked at the website....

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