Whats the best free antivirus with no headaches?

  SJM_81 21:45 11 Mar 2010

Just tried avg and for some reason a error message pops up when I try and download it. Also I don't want to sign a profile account just to use vira, so what others is there?

Also what the best spyware?

  Technotiger 21:48 11 Mar 2010

IMHO, Microsoft Security Essentials.

  jackhenry 21:59 11 Mar 2010

I totally agree with Technotiger MSE performs well.

I am aware of the M/S disparagers but this package does what it says on the label.

  Daiol 22:08 11 Mar 2010

Avast,Go for it.

  dms_05 22:14 11 Mar 2010

MSE. It integrates seamlessly with Windows and works very well. Why introduce 3rd party software that may cause problems?

  Woolwell 22:41 11 Mar 2010

Add Malwarebytes for anti-malware/spyware.

  Input Overload 22:46 11 Mar 2010

As with Technotiger, it a nice interface easy on the eye & an excellent AV, you wont go far wrong with it.

  Sea Urchin 22:59 11 Mar 2010

>> Just tried avg and for some reason a error message pops up when I try and download it <<

What did the error message say? If you have or had another anti-virus program installed previously you will need to completely remove it. Otherwise you may get an error message for any new AV program you try to install.

  Technotiger 08:17 12 Mar 2010

As Sea Urchin said - make sure you only have one anti-virus on your PC.

  birdface 08:29 12 Mar 2010

AVG free for 24 hours.

click here

  mooly 08:37 12 Mar 2010

Without doubt MSE :)

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