whats the best firewall to use,on win98

  nikef 08:00 08 Nov 2006

hi 2 questions to ask

my sis pc win98 had zonealarm firewall,now i understand that it does not work on win98 pcs
is there another free firewall thats just as good and works with avg thanks


internet explorer 7 is this for a win98 pc or is just for win xp

thanks for reading

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:10 08 Nov 2006

IE7 is for Windows XP and Vista only.

  nikef 08:14 08 Nov 2006

thank you

mr mistoffelees

  nikef 08:39 08 Nov 2006


  brundle 09:13 08 Nov 2006

Kerio 2.15 is light on resources and still gives decent protection. click here

R-Firewall has ad-blocking and a few other extras built in click here

Softperfect; click here

There are others if you do a bit of googling

  nikef 09:16 08 Nov 2006

cheers brundle

will have a look on google too

  Simsy 09:40 08 Nov 2006

The free version of "Outpost", when I was on Win98, (which was up to a year ago), because I'd had problems with ZoneAlarm. I used Outpost without problem or incident for about 4 years.

click here

I seem to recall, (though as usual I'm open to correction!), that the Forum Editor has spoken highly of this in the past.



  Wak 10:06 08 Nov 2006

Hi, I still run Win 98SE and have used Sygate Personal Firewall for years with no problems.
I did try Zone Alarm but didn't like it.
I think the FREE Sygate (9.6MB)is still available on some sites and I still have the original installation file on CD for future use.

  nikef 10:46 08 Nov 2006


thanks for the info

  Forum Editor 17:30 08 Nov 2006

has spoken highly of this in the past."

He has, and he still does.

  sunny staines 18:23 08 Nov 2006

i had lots of problems with zonealarm on daughters laptop using w98.had to reinstall w98 as a result used norton in the end.

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