Whats is a AGP slot

  suburban train 12:57 12 Feb 2003

Whats is a AGP slot and where do you find it?


  Legolas 13:05 12 Feb 2003

abolakrami have a look here click here or here click here

  Forum Editor 13:05 12 Feb 2003

an Accelerated Graphics Port, and you'll find it on your motherboard (if it has one). It's a card slot, is slightly shorter than the others, and is coloured brown.

You need to buy an AGP graphics card to use it of course.

  Ricewind 13:07 12 Feb 2003

Here is a site that isn't so technical :) click here

  Belatucadrus 13:08 12 Feb 2003

Accelerated Graphics Port, its brown card slot on your PCs motherboard, assuming it's got one. It should be next to the white PCI slots. If the board is more than a few years old it may not have one.

  Old PC man 13:13 12 Feb 2003

The AGP (advanced graphics port) slot is found on the motherboard and can be identified by the two apertures for fitting the graphics card into as opposed to the single aperture for PCI slots.

On some motherboards it is also a different colour to the PCI slots.

It is used for attaching the Graphics Card to the motherboard and contains all the necessary contacts for the exchange of data between the MoBo and graphics card.

  Legolas 13:21 12 Feb 2003

on these boards it is the shorter brown slot next to the white PCI slots click here

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