whats 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive?????

  Mit123 17:36 07 Oct 2006

whats the difference between 16 X DVD +/- RW Drive and 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive ???? any ideas?? thanks!

  Jak_1 17:44 07 Oct 2006

One is a writer and the other is read only. Ie, the ROM is the read only drive.

  Mit123 17:52 07 Oct 2006

can u explain in more detali please and specify which 1 u r talkin about please

  wjrt 17:59 07 Oct 2006

16xDVD +/- RW is a Dvd writer
16X DVD rom only reads DVD not write
this would seem to be spec of two different computers one with a writer and one with a writer and a reader to save the more expensive DVD writer wear and tear by using the reader as a separate drive when not needing the ability to write to DVD

  Jak_1 17:59 07 Oct 2006

A rom drive will only read disc and not write to them, An RW drive has the capability of writing to a recordable drive in the formats speciefied, ie, +R.-R and RW. The ROM drive will read these formats but not write to them.

  Stuartli 18:05 07 Oct 2006

Best thing to do is to read up on the subject:

click here

  DieSse 20:23 07 Oct 2006

Reading your post carefully, I think you may mean a

16 X DVD +/- RW Drive

and a

16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM

In which case there is no difference - it goes without saying (lierally as well as figuratively) that the first one will also do the DVD ROM thing too.

  DieSse 20:25 07 Oct 2006

Although in a system specification, it might also mean the second description alludes to two seperate drive.

  Mit123 13:51 08 Oct 2006

so which 1 will be logically expensive??

  DieSse 14:10 08 Oct 2006

which one what? - as above they're either both the same, or the second one may refer to two drives.

Give us some context, so that it's clearer what we're talking about, please

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