what'll happen if you dont input right Xp licence?

  buel 14:21 20 May 2009

Hi, in the next few days im going to install xp onto a brand new h.d using a friend's xp cd and the licence code/number from the pc's case. What i would like to know is what happens if i put in an incorrect licence number or use one that is already registered? would windows still work? is that what must have happened a year ago when i used my friend's pc and it kept getting messages saying something like 'This version of windows may not be genuine'? (but it still worked)

  tullie 14:25 20 May 2009

It will only work correctly for a while.

  Pine Man 14:35 20 May 2009

'using a friend's xp cd and the licence code/number from the pc's case.'

XP is only licensed for one PC. That licence has already been used. If you try and use it again it won't work.

  wiz-king 14:42 20 May 2009

You can do it if the sticker on the case is for the same version of XP but when you come to do any updates then you will need to explain to a nice man at Microsoft why your checksum is wrong, and then you stand the chance of it slowly grinding to a halt as WGA shuts down your programs.

  robin_x 07:03 21 May 2009

Think you get 30 days....then you have to phone the helpline. Or go online with another disc.

  BUSYLISSE 18:02 23 May 2009

it will be recognised as a pirate & may also effect your friends validation as a pirate serial will be on record a such .

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