What'd be preventing my laptop from turning on?

  torito verdejo 19:39 15 Jun 2017

Hello, everybody.

I'm looking for some help with my laptop. It is a Sony Vaio SVE1512J6EW and last week, when I was trying to boot from a live USB, it switched off suddenly. Since this moment it never launched again. The screen does not even turn on and, with its RAM connected, it lit its beacons blinking the disk-IO light; the fan turns and the HDD I think it does too. Without its original RAM, i.e. with another RAM or none at all, if I try to turn it on it keeps turning on and off as if it was "trying" and failing to launch. I've tried to hard reset the CMOS, to turn it on without an HDD and to connect it to an external display. Nothing works. When I turn it on with its RAM I can hear a faint snap-like sound coming from the base of its screen/lid like a tic-tac. On the motherboard nothing seems scorched or damaged, at least on one side of it (I haven't dissembled it completely), but I have the feeling there could be something producing a short circuit.

Does anybody have an idea what kind of hardware damage I should look for in order to fix the PC?

Thank you very much in advance.

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