What is your pc temperatures in this hot weather?

  window man 15:04 08 Aug 2003

Out of interest what is the average pc temperatures in this hot weather? I run a xp2000 and my cpu temp is 47c and my chasis temp is 41c.

  Aspman 15:06 08 Aug 2003

I'm similar, but I've turned the cpu cooler up a bit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:06 08 Aug 2003

The temperature should be the same, winter or summer as it is thermostatically controlled. Temperature is more influenced by the amount of cooling fans, airflow and size of processor.


  window man 15:09 08 Aug 2003

Thanks Aspman. I thought my chasis temperature was a bit too hot?

  -pops- 15:10 08 Aug 2003

System 33 deg. CPU 47. Same as it usually is. The fan is running a bit faster though.

  window man 15:18 08 Aug 2003

Surely the temperature of your system is affected by the room temperature?

  john-232317 15:35 08 Aug 2003

Mine is on all day, room temp 30 - 40 celcius, its now 35.4, dont know how to tell cpu temp, without opening box.....k6..400.. win98

  mushroomeater 15:38 08 Aug 2003

Ive looked over the BIOS settings and Ive read the manual 3 times, but my new (yep, budgetboard, i know)....ASROCK k7vt2 boards Duron cpu's safety cut off facility keeps cutting in at about 50 degrees, Ive no idea how to make raise that, or indeed keep the temp lower (all the standard airflow check & other common sense stuff done)...anybody help? Its runnin beautifully, then 20 mins later...FREEZE!..arrghhh!

  Djohn 15:43 08 Aug 2003

Yes, it is affected by the ambient temperature. Most fans are set to run at a speed irrespective of the CPU temp. Thats why some people are asking the question. " How many/how large/how fast!

Some are speed/temp. controlled and will increase/decrease their speed to maintain a given temperature. My AMD 1800XP runs at 50/52 in the winter, in this very warm weather we have had for the past week the temp. is 52/56. Well within the manufacturers specs. so no need to worry. Regards. j.

  window man 15:48 08 Aug 2003

Thanks Djohn. I thought the case temperature would be affected by the room temperature because even if i turn the speed up on my case fan it does not make any differance.

  Djohn 15:52 08 Aug 2003

If your motherboard has a CPU temp. gauge, it will be directly under the CPU core, and this is the more accurate way of reading temps. Go into BIOS on a re-boot by tapping the DEL key, then use the arrow keys on keyboard to move down to "System Performance" click on the "enter" key and you will see the speed of your fan and temp. of CPU, also system temp.

Click on the "Esc" key to go back to main menu, then use arrow keys again to highlight, "Exit without saving changes" then click on the "Y" key, then the "Enter key again. j.

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