What is your opinion?

  powerless 21:12 01 Oct 2005

click here

I've alot more to do, so far from finished but what's the verdict?

  mco 22:52 01 Oct 2005

Just a question; I wouldn't presume to comment on the site as I'm barely into design design myself.;there are others far more experienced than I...but..when you click on the forum, and then when you click the home button from the forum (instead of just using your back button) you end up at a slightly different version of your home page.. Is that intentional or an oversight?

  PurplePenny 23:22 01 Oct 2005

Looks nice, though I think I preferred the old look (with the armchair graphic for one of the top links). I'm not sure .... this look is more techy, the old look was friendlier (maybe?).

In the home page text you say to click on the link to download Acrobat Reader but there isn't a link that I can see. The links at the bottom and down the side don't go anywhere but I assume that that is just because you haven't created the links yet.

I assume that the "company:02" logo is part of the template that you've used. I don't really understand what it means. It threw me a bit because I would expect the name of the site there.

On your contact page there is a section entitled "Found A Mistake?". That's tempting fate because there is one -- right there in the following sentence: 'As much as I try to ensure the contents of this site is accurate'. That's the only one that I've spotted so far :-)

The "Home" link on the forum goes back to the old home page (complete with armchair).

You've used a few tags which are not HTML 4.01 Transitional (e.g. marginheight and table height): it doesn't seem to make any difference to the way that IE, Opera, and Forefox display the site but if you are interested in standards you might want to stick it thyrough the W3C validator. Some of the tags are stuff that really should be in the CSS anyway (since you have a style sheet).

Don't think that I'm knocking the site, overall it looks good.

  powerless 02:18 02 Oct 2005

mco - the site you see from the above click here is in it's own folder [not the root] so only the people who see this thread will see the new look. So intentional.

PurplePenny - Yeah the links at the side and bottom, I just have not conected them yet. OR I should say updated that entire section.

"company:02" - ummm yeah template, when I get the logo that will be gone.

As for the found a mistake? I don't see it :-(

There are a few links that will point back to the current site.

The tags that didn't allow for validation are now gone, except for 3: click here

*Some of the tags are stuff that really should be in the CSS anyway (since you have a style sheet).* - for instance?

  mco 10:26 02 Oct 2005

I see now, powerless. I think purple penny meant the mistake was in the sentence about mistakes - it should say ARE not IS.

  PurplePenny 19:04 02 Oct 2005

First, some clarification: I wrote "tag", I meant "tag attributes", sorry.

Anything which is appearence rather than content should be in the CSS not the HTML: so all the margin attributes (e.g. leftmargin, topmargin), background colours and background images. You've given the table a height which isn't allowed in the HTML but you could put that in the CSS too.

  powerless 21:10 02 Oct 2005

OK, you'll have to show me how to do that?

  PurplePenny 20:45 03 Oct 2005

What are you using to create the site? I won't be able to tell you how to get your software to do it (unless you are using Nvu and then I could give it a go) but this is an example of what you are aiming for.

For this in the HTML

<body bgcolor="#999999" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"


body {margin: 0; background: #999999;}

to the CSS. The background doesn't have to go in there for validation, it is valid in the HTML, but since you have a style sheet it might as well go in to it. Also in 'body' should go your default font information. Make it the most used font style, size etc then you don't have to have a class for every single paragraph, the ones without a class will use the body attributes (that's where the "cascading" bit comes into play).

You have two tables with heights so you will need to give each one an ID (which can only be used once on each page). So for instance the table height that the validator throws out is this one (it will probably object to the other once this one is corrected!) :

<table width="800" height="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" background="images/body/main-bg.jpg"

You could call that one "main" <table id="main" ... then in the CSS it will look like this

#main {height: 100%;}

The validator objects to the background attribute of that tag too so add that to the CSS as well.

#main {height: 100%; background: url(images/body/main-bg.jpg);}

Truth to tell, having looked at the source code again, I think that sticking it all in the CSS, though desirable, is probably impractical just now as it will be quite a big job. You might have to put up with it not validating for now and tackle this as your next big update once the site design and content is finalised.

Then, of course, there's accessibilty ......

[ducks and runs]

  PurplePenny 20:47 03 Oct 2005

To learn more about CSS take a look at the W3Schools tutorial:

click here

  powerless 08:56 04 Oct 2005

Come back!

Ummm Dreamweaver 8 [Trial Version]. But Frontpage 2003 is available as well. Nvu is easily downloadable ;-)

Well you've lost me with all the above :-( I can add:

body {margin: 0; background: #999999;}

to the CSS [i think] but do I then delete?:

<body bgcolor="#999999" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"

If yes, then I get my onLoad="MM_preloadImages etc displaying as text, in the webpage?

Not tried the other stuff.

  powerless 17:54 04 Oct 2005

That's a lot of words to describe what is, in fact, a relatively simple process.


I'd say simple, but I have 22 layers. 44 on the index page. But I seem to lose the middle section, all the colour and images disappear.

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