What is your backup regime?

  ross_mcculloch 12:57 03 Jan 2008

I want to start getting better at backing up data, what back-up regimes do you guys use? Do you have copies of all your photos, docs, etc on an external HD or do you use an online service like Mozy?

  Peter 13:14 03 Jan 2008


Acronis True Image 10, large external hard drive and make regular images of EVERYTHING. Keep the external hard drive physically separate from you computer in case of an accident, fire etc. Don't try to work out what to backup as the bits you leave out will turn out to be important when your system fails.


  Ganymede 13:20 03 Jan 2008

I wouldn't trust my personal data with anyone else but me. I backup to encrypted files on an external hard drive. I prefer to use full backup rather than incremental. True, full is slower but then the computer isn't doing anything else when I activate backup.

Have you had lawyers check out Mozy conditions of use? Interesting that Facebook apparently owns your images once you upload them to their server(s). Would you be happy to know your bank details and entire electronic personal life is now in the hands of a private, profit seeking company? If so, go right ahead and use them. If you have copied music from a CD you are probably breaking the Copyright Law even if you legally own the CD. Upload them to Mozy via the internet and you might be facing a massive fine if caught.

Ross, if you are affiliated to Mozy then I guess you know I won't be using Mozy!

  ross_mcculloch 13:25 03 Jan 2008

I'm not affiliated to them, it's the idea of the thing gobbling your ram that actually put me off them!

In terms of using an external HD, is the software that will do it for you or are you dragging and dropping certain files?

  SB23 13:26 03 Jan 2008

My old external hd has just packed up, but I have dvd backups of software, photo's, personal stuff (copies of letters etc), just to cover me in this type of circumstance.
The OS I just reinstall, and call MS to get another key, as this only takes an hour or so I don't worry about it.
It works for me. At the begining of December I did a complete reformat and installation, and the pc was back the I like it (with all my programs) in less than 3 hours. Before I had copies, it would take 2 days, thats allowing for having to download everything again.

Needless to say, I'm ordering a new Seagate external on Monday.


  Ganymede 13:32 03 Jan 2008

Greetings Ross,

You can buy software to automate the process but I simply 'drag and drop' my files to the encrypted external hard drive. I know it won't preserve my operating system and updates or my programs but I'm a 'geek' and that doesn't worry me. If I lost my life's e-work that would cause me considerable grief.

Acronis is good as are other offerings if you want piece of mind and an 'auto' back-up system.

  ross_mcculloch 13:48 03 Jan 2008

Ture Image 11 seems awesome for £28.99! Cheers

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