what ya think?

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 19:46 24 Sep 2003

I was just wondering if people would comment on a site that i am co designing the address is
click here

Also if you fancy submitting a holiday report and photo then you could be the winner of a canon digital camera!



  Taran 02:14 25 Sep 2003

There is far too much content crammed into your index page and the text blocks are in slightly too small a font to be comfortably read.

The page contains enough information to make at least two individual pages - I'd probably divide it into four or more.

The layout itself is nice (banner, navigation panel, the right hand content panel and the way you have divided the text up) and a lot of effort has obviously gone into it.

The main block of links near the top centre of index.html though is huge and difficult on the eye. You have 33 links, one after the other as well as your main site category navigation to the top left and all the other links further down the page.

In fact, you've managed to fit a feedback/subscription form, search form, 18 images (not including your banner), 16 different text blocks and a vast amount of text hyperlinks on one page. You've enough to make the best part of a site there.

Having said that, your 'By Location' link leads to a superb page a with kinder font size on a well presented and clean layout. This page should be your model for the site and it is nice to see its layout on other pages in there.

If you can trim down your index page and use the material you remove to create other pages it will be to the good. The site certainly has a lot of promise and there are some really nice features going on in there. The homepage though, is just a bit intimidating and harsh on the eye.

No offense intended by any of the above.

Good luck with it.



  : : Radioactive Frog : : 07:24 25 Sep 2003

Thanks very much for your comments, no offence taken, constructive critism is always helpful. We have been looking at the index page as we feel it is cluttered and are working on a slightly different layout and we can take your comments under our belt when we are working on it.

Thank again very much for your time


  : : Radioactive Frog : : 22:34 09 Feb 2004

we have been working hard on the site and taken on board the last comment, the site has become very popular and i would now appreciate any other views if people ave the time and the interest in

click here

also we have a forum if people want to discuss holidays

click here


  tomleady 10:47 10 Feb 2004

i like it. well done!

i think you should get rid off all the excess space at the bottom of the home page though. when the page loads, the size of the scroll bar implies there will be a lot of scrolling, but there isnt. it'll look better if you got rid of the space.

you've clearly spent a lot of time on it and its well worth it. so well done. hope it goes well for you!

  mjojo 12:52 10 Feb 2004

The front page looks good. Loads nice and fast in Mozilla Firebird! I missed the original homepage, any chance I can see the old one to compare the difference in layout and design?

Will check out the content of the site later.


  : : Radioactive Frog : : 21:37 10 Feb 2004

sorry the old page is gone forever. stupidly it was just overwritten but now looking back it would have been good to keep it for comparisons and too see how the site has progressed!! oh well we all learn as we go on !!

I will remove the white space!! not sure why it keeps appearing !! me pressing enter tooooo many times or maybe i have table cell to remove !!

thanks for all comments and if anyone else wants to comment that would be great.

also if you know anyone who has an interest in the subject of fabulous holidays please pass them the address or if you have been on a great hol please tell us about it !!

thanks all !!


  Gaz 25 00:18 11 Feb 2004

Better update: © Fabulous Holidays 2003

Use find and replace.

Nice informative site now!

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