what is wrong with my screen

  lonelyenigma 02:22 23 Jul 2004

When I switch on the PC after a long time not using it, the screen and all its images, words are very blurred. Then as the length of time use increases,all of them become clearer. What is wrong with them? I hope my PC have not turned into a flatron of LG: the more u use, the sharper the image...

  Valvegrid 06:49 23 Jul 2004

I have seen this before on old colour TV's, its usually the monitor tube going what they call 'soft' thats to say its losing vacuum inside the tube.

Before you rush out and replace it, how old is the monitor? Just to be sure its not something else, do you have access to another monitor you can try, like for instance borrowing a friend's temporarily, just eliminate any problems with the computer.

  Gongoozler 07:40 23 Jul 2004

This could be the tube, as Valvegrid suggests, or it could be another component in the monitor causing a voltage to be wrong. What it is very unlikely to be is the computer. It is the nature of the video signal that it is virtually impossible for the computer to cause the signal to blur in the vertical direction. As monitors are rarely economically repairable, your only real solution is a new monitor.

  lonelyenigma 17:24 23 Jul 2004

a new one? sounds a good idea. I think of that too, but only after I have made a full use of it, judging how cheap it would be now. I will experiment on it as far as I could ( poor little mire). But I still wonder my friend says sth about visual card installing.. I just want to make sure I haven't missed sth

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