what is wrong with my acer aspire 5742

  GGmangoZz 17:05 07 Dec 2014

This is what happens click here . Please help I'm desperate now, unsure how this happens just happens one say really but I'm open for ideas I just need it for school

  Ian in Northampton 17:53 07 Dec 2014

OK, so:

  1. It looks like you're in a boot loop that won't get past the BIOS to load Windows.
  2. It's not clear from the video what you're doing with switches, taking stuff out etc. Can you clarify?
  3. What's happening then is that the laptop thinks it doesn't have Windows installed, so it's starting a fresh install of Windows.
  Ian in Northampton 17:55 07 Dec 2014

Have you let it continue to load the Windows installation files, or do you turn it off during that sequence? Letting it finish installing Windows may fix your problem, but you'll likely lose any personal stuff you've got on there.

  morddwyd 18:41 07 Dec 2014

I've got two Aspires.

Looks to me like you've got to to hit the relevant key, couldn't quite see it in the video, F2, F10 maybe and go into the recovery partition.

You may get a repair option, but you're probably stuck with a re-install from scratch.

Have you prepared recovery discs?

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