What is wrong with England , Wales and Northern Ir

  Andsome 14:10 17 Sep 2003

Why is it that on the competition page, Scottish competitors can enter Scotland as their country, but English Welsh and Northern Irish have no choice but to enter united Kingdom? I would welcome the chance to enter ENGLAND.

Well said.

  hoverman 15:33 17 Sep 2003

It's all part of the PM's plan to sign away our Sovereignty to the EU

Over my dead body

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:05 17 Sep 2003

/eyes raise.


  Audeal 20:06 17 Sep 2003

It's Racial Discrimination

  Falkyrn 20:18 17 Sep 2003

What is wrong with England , Wales and Northern Ir

.... where to start and with an 800 word limit on posts as well :-)

  mammak 22:18 17 Sep 2003

I am Scottish, havent a problem with saying i am from the "United Kingdom" you have then go ask who ever you must, unless of course this is an English Forum, but alas it is click here uk meaning united kingdom

  The Paul 22:42 17 Sep 2003

Just let me win the competition. Paul from Northern Ireland

  Peverelli 00:10 18 Sep 2003

You might find that technically England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland do not exist as countries. These abnormalilities will occur very often until we decide whether we're independent of each other politically or not.

I'll put England/English if given the choice but have no problems with British/UK either.

  Jomi 00:22 18 Sep 2003

There's a competition page???

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