what would you do now with spare HDD

  davecartman 11:06 19 May 2019

I recently replaced my laptop HDD with a SSD using Acronis 2019 for the transfer, this was successful much to my amazement.I am now regularly backing up to a Seagate external drive again using Acronis. The question is what to with the old HDD, can I 'wipe' it and use it for a second backup or is this for some reason a bad idea, it is at present in an enclosure to keep it clean, would you just leave it alone. Thanks for any ideas. The HDD by the way is a 2.5 inch 750GB if this has any bearing.

  hastelloy 11:18 19 May 2019

I'd use it as a second backup for your most important files. Belt and braces.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 19 May 2019

Why waste a good drive? put it in a usb enclosure and use it for whatever you wish, agree with hastelloy important files are worth having two backups.

  x13 11:48 19 May 2019

It's also ideal to create images of your whole system in the event that you have a failure of the SSD or even if you're unlucky enough to encounter ransomware or other malicious malware.

  davecartman 12:03 19 May 2019

Thanks for replies, if I use it for full backup with Acronis would Acronis delete everything already on it first to save me doing this myself, apologies for my lack of knowledge on this sort of thing.

  x13 12:39 19 May 2019

Does the drive still have Windows on it? What I do, once I've removed all the data off it, is to delete all partitions on it to create a single unallocated space on it then use a partition manager to format it to NTFS. Gives you just one partition (Disk 3 here)

Unfortunately I don't use Acronis but with Macrium I create a new folder on the backup drive then use Macrium to create an image pointing to that folder and looks like this -

Other people might have different ways of doing it. Most importantly I never leave the drive connected until I need to use it for security purposes.

  davecartman 13:13 19 May 2019

X13, yes it is exactly as it was when I cloned it to the new SSD with windows and all. Your last reply is a wee bit technical for me unfortunately. I seem to remember that when I first used my new backup drive with Acronis a warning was displayed that the drive would be formatted and this would delete the contents of the drive, if so would it also delete the partitions ? I have it in an enclosure so perhaps if I plugged it in I would find out or is that a bad idea?

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