What would you do????????????????

  bretsky 17:47 19 Jul 2004

Hi folks,

I took out my CDRW recorder(Samsung-2years old) and put in a DVD+RW recorder (NEC 1100a) in its place about a year ago.

The CD recorder that I took out no longer worked properly,playback of audio CDs and DVDs worked fine, just the CD recorder was N/G.

Reading the installation manual for the DVD from DELL under the heading "Limitations" it says that " If two CD ROM drives are installed in a computer, they must be IDE CD ROM drives and be from the same manufacturer".

It's that "same manufacturer" that gets me, I would like to use the Samsung as a CD ROM drive as there is nothing wrong with it, but reading the Dell installation manual, I am a bit reluctant to do so.
Or is this a ploy by Dell to get you to spend more money with them?

Your comments..............

bretsky ;0)

  Graham ® 17:51 19 Jul 2004

One question mark is quite sufficient, thankyou.

  spanneress 17:51 19 Jul 2004

If it is any help...I have worked on many many Dell machines, including upgrading and stuck in whatever I had at hand so I wouldn't take too much notice of that if I were you. It is probably referring to the driver installation provided on the disc...which is not a problem if you have an alternative driver.


  Diemmess 17:54 19 Jul 2004

Ignorance is bliss, over the years I have had 3 burners, one died like yours.

I think the scary warning is based on the fact that some of the bundled software sometimes is reluctant to work with a different device.

If you have a collection of driver CDs for your coffee stand, then juggle about a bit, I'm sure you'll find happiness eventually.

  SANTOS7 18:04 19 Jul 2004

if you are installing optical drives you only need the generic drivers your O/S gives you when it recognises the device

  bretsky 18:04 19 Jul 2004

Sorry about the ????
Tnanx for the comments.

The samsung came as standard and I changed the unit over with an NEC, and to this day I have had no probs, so I didn't want to upset the apple cart by putting back the Samsung file conflicts etc etc

win xp home ed sp1 1GB sdramm 2xhdd total of 180gb

bretsky ;0)

  CLONNEN 18:05 19 Jul 2004

Shouldn't make any difference to the computer having two drives from different manufacturers. My brother has a refurbished PC with a LiteOn DVD drive and a Samsung CDRW drive and he's never had a problem with either of them.

Just download drivers from the manufacturers website if you need them.

  Curio 18:42 19 Jul 2004

I have A Dell 4550. Installed as new by Dell are a NEC DVD+RW and a Samsung DVD-ROM.
Both run happily in my PC.

  Dorsai 19:13 19 Jul 2004

I would try it, and if it did not work, take it back out, and use system restore to roll the PC back to a time before I tried it.

  bretsky 23:13 19 Jul 2004

Thank you everybody, I'm happy to report back to you MISSION SUCCESSFUL.

I now have a CDrom drive to p/back my Audio Cd's and program CDroms and a DVD recorder drive for vast amounts of data storage! shows up in device manager and also in the My computer screen.

My Dell 4300 is not the easiest of PCs to work on, very fiddly, and I managed to pull the IDE cable out from the mobo by accident so when I put everything back it would not boot, so had to take it all apart again.........got there in the end!!

Thanx again everybody!!!!

bretsky ;0)

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