What is Wizebar and how to disable

  imzy 22:30 15 Oct 2012

Hi there.

Over the last few days I have noticed a pop-up repeatedly appearing at the bottom of my screen and at the side of the screen when visiting certain websites, like amazon and ebay. T

he pop-up at the bottom generally has vague offers and advice, and the popup at the side of the website gives you offers on the items you are searching for. I clicked on the information button on the pop-up and it says this is Wizebar and gives you a button to press to disable it. I press the button and it turns or off until you restart your computer and the it turns on again.

This is starting to become very annoying and I am worried if it is doing something malicious. Any advise on what it is and how to get rid if it. Any help greatly appreciated..


  Woolwell 22:40 15 Oct 2012

You may well have clicked on something that you shouldn't have or downloaded a nasty. It may well be related to babylon. Suggest full virus scan and run malwarebytes malwarebytes free download in safe mode.

  imzy 11:36 16 Oct 2012

Thanks guys.

There was a Babylon Toolbar in Programs so I have uninstalled it and did a reboot and it is no longer in Programs. I will do a bit of browsing and let you know if the popups have gone. Let me know if ypu think that is enough to have removed it completely.


  Woolwell 13:07 16 Oct 2012

Still think that an anti-malware scan is required.

  imzy 17:00 16 Oct 2012

My online security is pretty weak at the moment so have ordered kaspersky internet security. Will this pick up any ptoblems?

  Woolwell 17:04 16 Oct 2012

It should do so. I run it, free with my banking, and I haven't had any problems. It blocks bad downloads and will not open some really dodgy sites.

  Woolwell 17:06 16 Oct 2012

ps On installing it will prompt to do a full scan. That will take some time at first, after that it is fairly quick. Remember to uninstall your existing anti-virus before installing Kaspersky.

  imzy 17:31 16 Oct 2012

Thanks Woolwell.

Hopefully recieve the software in a few days and will let you know if it deteced anything.

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