What wireless setup?

  ikle_pixie 17:23 04 Apr 2006

Not too bothered about brands, just wanna know what hardware i need.


2 pc's = windows 2000, no wireless
1 laptop = XP, wireless built in
Telewest Cable modem

What hardware do i need, obviously need two wireless adapters for the pc's, but what about the wireless itself?

I want to not have to have a gateway pc, so i can use the wireless, without having to have a certain pc on.

But does that mean i need more equipment? Like an Access point or something.


  ade.h 18:46 04 Apr 2006

One router (NOT a modem/router. Be very careful to get a standalone router).

Two PCI wifi adapters, preferably with proper wired aerials for desktop positioning. Probably best to avoid USB adapters.

If your notebook lacks an Ethernet port (it should have one) then you MUST make sure that one of the desktops has an inbuilt Ethernet port. If not, you WILL need to add a PCI Ethernet card to provide a means of configuring the router. This is essential on first use and whenever you change wireless settings. For obvious reasons, you cannot change wireless settings when a wireless connection is running!

  ikle_pixie 19:33 04 Apr 2006

ok, changed my mind. Someone recommend a good router? Netgear WGT624 i was looking at...

  ade.h 19:48 04 Apr 2006

What do you mean by "changed my mind"?

You asked for the parts that you would need to set up a routed network.

  ikle_pixie 20:08 04 Apr 2006

i meant that i've changed my mind about people not suggesting brands of routers....

i want suggestion...

just been looking at the linksys WRT54GS-UK

  ade.h 20:14 04 Apr 2006

Oh I see. Well, I've only set up one cable router; that was a Belkin, as that and 3Com are my preferred brands. The Negear is okay, but somebody recently commented that it was getting long in the tooth, and I would not necessarily recommend getting an old product. Saying that, brand new routers suffer teething troubles. If you ever want to know how long a router has been on the market, the product details or manual/firmware release dates on its website usually tell you.

  ikle_pixie 20:17 04 Apr 2006

im just looking at the Belkin F5D7231UK4, would you recommend it? Whats the signal like?

  ade.h 20:31 04 Apr 2006

Yes, I would. I find that Belkins are very good and very easy to configure, though the cable routers are not quite as good as the modem/routers. Belkins can be a bit more position sensitive than some, so bear that in mind before purchase. Think about power cables, large metal objects, digital cordless phone handsets, even microwave ovens.

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