What will be left after 'restore factory settings'

  Sheephead 13:30 01 Nov 2011


I have acquired a new pc. It was my dad's work computer which he no longer needs. Because of all the files and data on it & because it was connected to networks, printers etc. I would like to restore it to factory settings but have no idea what I will be left with. Is there any way to find out if Windows & other programmes came with it or will need to be put on after the restore? I have no discs or anything else with it. I would just like to start again with a new(ish) pc that's ready to go.

Thank you

  onthelimit1 13:41 01 Nov 2011

You say you have no disks - is there a recovery partition on there? If there is, then a restore will leave you with the windoze operating system and nothing else. If no partition, you'll have to borrow a disk of the same variety as the installed OS to do a full re-instal. If you can't borrow a disk, you'll have to buy one.

  gengiscant 14:08 01 Nov 2011

What OS does it have Xp/Vista/Windows 7?

  Sheephead 14:30 01 Nov 2011

Thank you for responding so quickly. How do I check the recovery partition? I have made it as far as Administrative Tools, Computer Management, then under Storage am on Disc Management. Under 'layout' it says 'partition'. Is that what I'm looking for?

The operating system is XP professional, version 2002, service pack 3

Thank you

  birdface 15:07 01 Nov 2011

Tapping F10 at start up might tell you if you can restore to factory settings.

On windows 7 you just go into my computer and it tells me that I have a recovery section on D-drive.

So tapping F10 at start up lets me run Restore to Factory Settings.

Having already done that on this computer it was just a matter of running all of the Windows updates again and downloading new Security programs.

On the back side or bottom of the computer there should be a COA sticker with Windows XP Pro keycode on it.Just a matter of borrowing the proper Windows CD from a friend or neighbor to reformat your computer.

Without the proper drivers for it it may not work properly until you can download them.Not sure if you can save them from the computer just now and install again when formatted. I have never tried it that way so not sure.

  birdface 15:09 01 Nov 2011

Sorry should have said you only need the Windows XP Pro CD if you have to reformat.

You don't need it to restore to factory settings.

  alankearn 16:34 01 Nov 2011

If you post the manufacturer and model of the computer someone may be able to tell you how to restore your computer. Restoring your computer to factory settings should restore it to the state it was in when it left the manufacturer ie operating system and any programs/software installed when the computer was made

  Sheephead 12:42 02 Nov 2011

Thanks to everyone for your responses. I was talking to the boys at work last night & it seems I know less about computers than I thought! This pc was on a network connected to servers etc, so apparently it's not the same as a stand alone pc. I can't even get Internet explorer to connect to the web, and I'm using an Ethernet cable. I'm having to use my phone for this forum! The pc is a funitsu siemens esprimo edition p2511, model number MI3W-D2660. Do manufacturers produce pc's purposely for networks or will I be able to get it so it's suitable for average home use?

Thank you

  gengiscant 13:04 02 Nov 2011

Is this it? PC

  birdface 15:01 02 Nov 2011

Yes according to Google not a laptop.

  Sheephead 20:20 02 Nov 2011

Yes that's the one. If, like that link shows, it's a business computer will it be any good for stand alone home use? Will I be able to set it up as such? Or do I need someone who knows what they're doing? I'm not a total numpty :o)

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