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  User-178362 18:50 29 Sep 2005

What do I do to learn about the PC? When I click on a link to get help on the smallest of problems I cannot understand the instructions. One set of instructions was a line of letters and numbers, I think, it was one long line. It didn't say to click on just one part of the line and that would take me to the next part of the line. I was just lucky that I had someone there that understood. I would like to learn about Digital photograph, just a little but I think I need to know more about the PC to progress. How did you learn? I cannot even put a smile on this PC.

  User-178362 19:25 29 Sep 2005

Well maybe I can. But I want to be like you ou ou

  Totally-braindead 19:59 29 Sep 2005

There are various ways to learn sea princess, it really depends on what you want to know and how much you need to know. You could for example go to your local college they do various courses in ECDL for example (the computer driving licence) which will give you an insight into databases, spreadsheets, powerpoint, word etc or if your into digital photography you could try a course in that. Or if thats too expensive or time consuming you could try some of the Dummies or Idiots guides, you can get them out of your library and they are excellent for beginners. Or if its something in particular you're interested in such as Photoshop the library also has books on this alone and some but not all are quite good.

Personally I have built perhaps 20 or 30 PCs over the last 10 years or so but that doesn't help when you're trying to solve a software problem which most faults are, in my experience at least. If you have a look on the web you can find things like this click here . I take photos, probably pretty poor ones but I just want to do things like brighten them a bit, crop them maybe, take out redeye and for me something like this is fine click here but perhaps you want something more.

  jack 20:18 29 Sep 2005

I do agree with TBD,with most. however courses as such at what ever level do seem to application led with perhaps an educational qualification at the end
CLAIT lfor example . This is fine it allows the student be proficient in that topic.
But none of thes will give you experience and know how in the nitty gritty of getting out of trouble when it strikes . Om;y dsoing it and finding out and getting help from forums such as ours, because we have all had the probelsm and have got out of them or had help getting out of them.

Digital Photography when fold buy these thing they often think ooher new technology- and fair enough many of the camera are full of bells and whichles -too many very often.
I happen to run a digital darkroom course for members of our local U3A group - there is about ten.
And I tell then first and foemost this thing is a camera- just take pictures- point and shoot- Then go to Goots/Asda and get prints made just like in the days of film.
Now when you get the prints back, and if you have a computer- you can have a play with an editing program to work wonders with your images.
So we meet alternate months out in the field in park or some place snapping away with me showing viewpoints and so on and next month in a members front room, doing the ooh aar bit over prints and on a laptop showing how to modify them in an editor- and they are learning fast.
So if you have chums with digi cams -Team Up -Group Digi- you can't beat doing it in a group thats what I say.

  User-178362 21:57 29 Sep 2005

I have been on a ClAIT course plus Word processing course,but this sort of thing is for work. Links I have to find say my spell checker I just didn't understand, and it scarred me, as I don't understand what they are asking, and saying. My friend did know but he said it meant nothing to me which was true so I couldn't have checked it out, turns out that the PC hasn't got something that makes it work, but I wouldn't have known this or got that far. I have looked into a photography course but there are not any evening classes for this in my area. I can crop enhance, not sure about red eye, but I'm sure photographs know lots of tricks which I would like to know just a few, i.e how to put the same face only looking in a different direction on the same pic.FAT32, NTFS fly? I do not know what these words mean. but I will close this thread now. I had trouble trying to put pic on CD using a program I just couldn follow the instructions, it didn't work for me so I gave up.

  Skills 23:20 29 Sep 2005

All I can really say sea princess is be patient you will pick it all up as you go along, I can remember the first time I sent an email it was all a bit umm err how do you do that then?

Prehaps you might find a course at learndirect that would interest you. Alot of their courses can be done online click here

  User-178362 19:15 30 Sep 2005

Thank you Skills (Notts?) maybe. I am going to check out Learndirect on Monday, I am booked in for a short course after Christmas. I wondered if maybe most of you might be engineers, programmers or on the electrical side. Thats how you know. But I must admit, I am not a dim person, but I do not think I pick things up easily, Which is a draw back.

  Totally-braindead 21:40 30 Sep 2005

I can see why you might think that the members of the Forum are mainly computer engineers, programmers etc but this is not the case. There was a thread a few weeks ago, one of many which have been on the same subject, asking what everyone did and the list was very diverse. There were some who were involved with computers but there were also every trade/job you can imagine. The majority of people on here were in the same boat as you just a few years ago and have picked things up as they went along, much as you are doing now. So stick with it.

  VoG II 21:53 30 Sep 2005

My formal training on computers is limited to a one week course on Fortran (a programming language) circa 1980 and a 2 day course on Windows 3.1 and MS Office about 10 years ago.

I am not an IT professional.

Just take it one step at a time.

  User-178362 00:24 01 Oct 2005

Thank you for your understanding. Am I waisting space when I say thank you I wonder, but thank you fokes for all the help you have passed onto me and for the help I will receive from you in the future. Pauline

  Skills 04:30 01 Oct 2005

Not at all, im glad we can be of help to you.

I too am not a computer engineer although I am studying the subject at the moment, most of what i know I have picked up as I went along and with the help of the forum. I have done a few formal courses and worked at a computer recycling centre for about six months.

Although much of it probably seems like it goes over your head at the momment you'd be suprised give yourself some time.

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