what went wrong

  hubdean 10:58 26 Oct 2008


my computer started to go funny
when i went onto the net it had a mind if its own
sites coming up on there own. some porn adds,
explorer would not respond crap cleaner went wrong .something missing???
i could not do anything, nothing would respond
i had norton 360 installed.
i was on vista forum site,
did system restore
but still same
had to reset to factory settings
what was it ????

  Technotiger 11:00 26 Oct 2008

Obviously you have been infected with Malware of some sort. So you need to run all your anti-everything programs to try and get rid of it.

  hubdean 11:06 26 Oct 2008

im doing that often as i can,
its not funny i had 3000 pics 1000 songs on computer,
all gone now have to start agan, from back ups

  Technotiger 11:16 26 Oct 2008

No help in this instance, but I would strongly advise you to get Acronis True Image, then if something similar happens again you can restore your pc in all its glory within minutes, without losing anything.

  birdface 11:20 26 Oct 2008

Probably infected with TroJan/Spyware that Norton never protected you from.Its hard to keep them out just now,They are getting more sophisticated nowadays.I have had a few trying to invade my computer in the last week.So I have turned all my security programs on fully.[it slows the computer down but worth it.]AVG stopped a Trojan from downloading.And A squared keeps coming up with pop ups wanting me to allow or deny programs.It can be a bit of a nuisance but its doing its job.Now I had McAfee Site Advisor + AVG Link Scanner telling me they were safe sites and they were not.So they are even getting past that protection.I can see everyone having severe problems soon.

  hubdean 11:37 26 Oct 2008

will download
thanks for your help.

this computer seams odd
its very slow, i click on something and it takes a long time to respond,(after its been reset to factory settings)
when it responds it comes up a bit at a time,
when i wright something some of the letters are missing, and i know i hit them,
and it seams it cannot do 2 things at a time ??
must be virus or something.

  hubdean 16:47 26 Oct 2008

My ad-aware 2008 has been running for 1 and a 1/2 hours and is olny half way is this normal,
theres nothing in the computer to speak of,?

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