What Wattage Power Supply Should I Have In My PC.

  User-99CC659A-9EBD-457D-A9DFF0C4026F4216 12:17 18 Mar 2006

I am thinking about changing the PSU in my PC for a silent one. I have been looking at the various options and I see that PSU's come in various different sizes (i.e. 300w,480w etc)

I currently have a 550w PSU in my PC. The only reason this is fitted is that I brought it cheap. I have been trying to work out what size of PSU I should have.

My system has 4 working DVD drives, 4 working hard drives and runs on a Giga Byte GA8INXP motherboard running a P4 3.06 CPU. I also have a 256MB DDR Graphics card with it's own on board cooling fan.

Most of the time the PC is used for the internet and rarley anything else.

Can anyone suggest what size of power supply I should have in my PC. Or if anyone knows a good website, where I can read up on power supplies and what size of power supply to use I would be glad for the feedback

  spuds 12:25 18 Mar 2006

Normally the rule covers the amount of components using power, so the more wattage the better, especially if you are into top flight gaming.

Your 550w, should be more than capable to cover your needs, why change to something of a perhaps lower capacity, because it was cheap!.

If you do a Google search, there are many information and selling websites on tap.

  Totally-braindead 12:26 18 Mar 2006

You have a lot of components there, have a look at this and type in your bits and it will give you an idea of what you need. click here but you'll need to add another 60 watts for the other 2 optical drives you say you have.

  Totally-braindead 12:28 18 Mar 2006

Heres some reading for you click here

I currently have a 550w supply. I want to get a silent PSU but am unsure as to what wattage I need to get.

  PC Bilbo 13:29 18 Mar 2006

Follow the guide from Totally -braindead and you can't really go wrong but always remember this is only a guide.

The critical power drain will be on the combined the 5v and 3.3v rail. A cheap 600W PSU may not match a good quality supply at say 400W. If you can afford it, go for one with self monitoring ACTIVE power factor correction and thermal control.A decent one from the likes of Tagan, Seasonic etc will also come with at least 3 yr warranty.Look for a quiet 12 cm fan. £50-£80 i'sh

On the optical drives, 35% of power is taken from the 5v rail and other 65% from 12v rail.So for yr DVD drives if some are writers you should allow around 30 watts on 5v for these alone.

Another issue would be if you increase RAM as this will quickly ramp up wattage on the 3.3v rail, and as I mentioned it is these combined v. rails that are critical.If in doubt, build in a 20% contingency which is no bad thing as your psu will not work so hard and last longer!

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