What was this Trojan Horse about?

  Winxx 11:48 10 Jul 2008

click here

I just turned on my Laptop and this came up so wondering how i got it and if i should worry about it?


  kalignorgna 12:02 10 Jul 2008

a Trojan Horse is a virus that gets into your system the same way the Trojan Horse got into troy by pretending to be somthing it ant then gettin out and systematicly kills your system but since AVG 8.0 has picked it up your computer will be fine you only have to worry about the ones that it does not pickup (ur pc will act very strance if it has a virus). the other main Virus to note is the Worm Virus

  crosstrainer 12:15 10 Jul 2008

Yes you should. Tick the box marked heal as power user and click heal.

  FreeCell 12:16 10 Jul 2008

How you got it? Don't know.

Should you worry about it? Yes. Did you use "Heal" option or put file into the Virus Vault?

Maybe a false positive but gdimnt.dll is not a standard Win XP file (not shown on my system) but maybe on Vista, as you don't say what OS you are using or give any other system details.

  Winxx 12:27 10 Jul 2008

Im using Windows XP, i didnt click power user i just clicked heal.

  crosstrainer 12:30 10 Jul 2008

Should be ok, if it could not repair the file, it will have been placed in the virus vault, from where you can delete it.

  birdface 15:28 10 Jul 2008

Keep it in your virus vault just in case it is a false positive.

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