what virus software

  jade25 22:11 06 Nov 2008

I am using avast as a virus free software but it takes so long, at least 4 hours or more for a full scan.
Its not as though l have a lot on my pc either so wondered what you think is best.
I changed from avg after using it years but it missed a virus this year and was advised to change from here,

  skidzy 22:20 06 Nov 2008
  brundle 22:26 06 Nov 2008

Good link and post from Skidzy, but I would suggest 4 hours is OTT, unless you have millions of files. Is your system running slowly anyway?

Avast has worked very well for me on a number of machines and I'd always recommend it as a freebie, Avira Antivir has the best rating in terms of detection but does bug you with reminders that the paid-for version is better after each update.

You can get the Kaspersky AV at a discount from Amazon. click here

Considered to be among the best AV programs available.

  jade25 22:42 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for getting back and thanks skidsy for the list.
At the moment madasafish is slow but when its fast avast still takes the same time and haven't got lots of files as l put them onto another drive, normally leave it on at night as it gets on your nerves and it stops you doing a lot.
I am stuck with madasafish as first reuter they gave me and after nine months it didn't work so they said we will send you a free one if you stay with us for another year, l bet thats the first you have heard ofthat,
Thanks, if anymore emails will pick up friday hope no mistakes on right side of email as can't see it, pc advisor words on top of it.

  brundle 22:48 06 Nov 2008

You seem to be mixing your ISP with your overall PC performance, no AV cares about what ISP you have, what router or internet connection method you use, as long as it can get its updates.
If your system is slow (and I recall from other posts you have Vista and you're not all that happy with it) then you need to look above and beyond your AV to issues with your system itself.

Go to start orb/run, type

perfmon /report

press return

What does it say?

  DieSse 00:49 07 Nov 2008

"so wondered what you think is best."

I think the Eset Security Suite is best (it incorporates NOD32 Anti-Virus)

It's fast, small and light, the top performer of all time in the Virus Bulletin tests, and best at finding unknown viruses as well.

30 day free trial click here

However, I too am a bit confused by your mixing up AV performance with madasafish and reuters - don't understand how you're relating one to the other.

  jade25 10:05 07 Nov 2008

I was asked if my pc was slow, the last two days its been very slow and thats why l have run my spyware scan and am now going to do the virus can. It had been run 3 days ago but with my pc being slow l wanted to check it out.

After looking at some foums later a lot of people have said that madasafish is very slow just now.
But as l say l cannot move from them.

I am going to follow what you said and will get back to you later,

  Batch 15:15 07 Nov 2008

Avast does take a long time to scan if you set it to scan everything (e.g. all disks, thorough scan and test archives) - mine takes a couple of hours.

But on its default settings (standard scan and not testing archives) even scanning all disks mine only takes 7 minutes.

It's difficult to make direct comparisons with other products as the settings on other products won't directly correspond.

It's worth noting that AVG does not do a thorough scan by default - you have to delve under the covers to change some settings for that.

  jade25 15:49 07 Nov 2008

Thanks, glad someone elses avast takes a long while, l have got a lot in my docs and pictures and l do use the complete scan each time.

I found out that in avg it was good on XP but not so much on vista, think i will have a think and kep avast on just now and see what comes up in the future.

  Batch 17:45 07 Nov 2008

In fact, when I tried AVG 8, it was a 'mare. I recall that even the default the scans took ages and there were numerous other issues with it.

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