what is the very best way to delete all files on a

  laptopdunce 15:34 24 Jun 2017

laptop, this is a different thread now that I have got my files off a faulty laptop thanks to Fruitbat and Lotvic, now I want to delete all the history on the faulty laptop so that no passwords or anything can be traced back if I sell it on ebay, what should I do to make it foolproof that none of the passwords or details are left on the HD? should I use CCleaner to wipe the HD at the highest settings? thanks Laptopdunce

  rdave13 15:52 24 Jun 2017

Buy a cheap new drive, there's one for £35 for a 500GB on Amazon and install the OS on that. Keep the original for yourself for backups.

  laptopdunce 16:25 24 Jun 2017

I mean I want to delete everything on a wwindows 8.1 laptop with a view to selling it on, so need to make sure everything is fully deleted, I did one before and "formatted the drive" but the buyer said they found some of my passwords on it still, so I need to make sure I wipe the HD totally before i list it

  MJS WARLORD 16:53 24 Jun 2017

reboot pc to factory settings with the pc's recovery software , it is the only way to guarantee sensitive items are gone for good

  rdave13 17:04 24 Jun 2017

reboot pc to factory settings with the pc's recovery software , it is the only way to guarantee sensitive items are gone for good

I don't believe that's true MJS WARLORD as a determined person will find a lot of information still on on it. By the time Ccleaner has fully wiped a 1TB drive seven times I would have bought a cheapo new drive and installed the OS and sold the laptop....

  Jollyjohn 18:50 24 Jun 2017

Replace the hard drive and take a hammer to the old one! In fact if the laptop is faulty as you say, usb not working, then selling it for "Spares or repair" without a hard drive will probably raise as much on eBay as if you bother to replace the hard drive and reinstall the OS. If there is a W8 licence sticker on the laptop then I would bid for it when you list it.

  laptopdunce 19:00 24 Jun 2017

idont believe setting to factory restore is 100% safe either, Idontknow how to removethe HD and thereisnt an actual windows sticker on this one but its an acer E5-511-PODM and system shows it as running 8.1 windows, Iam still using it on the ethernet cable and only tuch pad and keyboard as no seperate keyboardmuse will connect and I still have issues with connecting an old windows 7 laptop to myrouter!!! its a mess, but thank God fruitebat and lotvic diercted meto get the files off this one!! I am often away so may not list this one till net mnonth, I thought of startingit at £40 it was nearly £500 new in 2013 laptopdunce

  rdave13 19:22 24 Jun 2017

Replace hard drive, YouTube link , try it and it may even work again. There will be no sticker on 8.1 as it will auto activate, different to win 8.

  rdave13 19:26 24 Jun 2017

Second video better.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 24 Jun 2017

If you download the zip file I linked to in your other thread and transfer it to the win 8.1 machine via your network link.

open the zip file and run the file to install the the drivers then your usb will probably work again.

  rdave13 19:57 24 Jun 2017

*Fruit Bat /\0/* , sorry, multitude threads on basically the same issue and I missed your response.

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