What version Google Earth ?

  Furkin 11:09 25 Apr 2011

Hi, When I had my machine rebuilt over Christmas, I put on Google Earth. The first thing I noticed is that when I zoom into places very close, the camera angle changes & I see a flat view across the earths surface. I don't like this, so if I zoomed out again. But it doesn't zoom out to where you were, but backs along a similar trajectory across the ground.

I have just looked on it for details to show you and it looks like a beta version. Google Earth (beta) Build Date 12/10/2010

1/ Can I still get the old version (don’t know the name/number). 2/ Am I using this version wrong ? 3/ Is this still in beta mode ?

I can't seem to load Street Views either.


  Woolwell 12:50 25 Apr 2011

If you continue to scroll/zoom in it will automatically enter street view. You can also enter street view by dragging the pegman on the zoom bar to the spot you want to see. Personally I rarely use Google Earth as I find that Google Maps is just as good and you don't need a separate program.

  Furkin 23:54 25 Apr 2011

Thanks for that WW. That does seem to work - in a fashion. It dosn't seem to zoom in/out as well as it used to.

Maybe this will be ironed out before this beta version becomes fixed.

PS: I'm now getting Notifications of Replies again after several years.

thanks again.

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