What Upgrades Would You Suggest

  [DELETED] 00:26 18 Sep 2003

I am going to be passing my Packard Bell imedia 4606 to my daughter but I want to ensure that they have a machine which is uptodate as possible.

The current spec is as follows
256 mb ram
20gb hard drive
Win XP
Cd/RW (installed myself)
Nvidia GForce MX440 64mb PCI Graphics card
Intel Celeron 1.1 processor
Challenger Socket 370 motherboard.

My first thoughts are to uprade the ram to 512mb ram and add a second hard drive fo about 60gb.

From previous posts I dont think it is possible to upgrade my processor.

Is there anything else I should be considering ?

  [DELETED] 00:38 18 Sep 2003

It depends on what they want to use it for, gcs_uk. As it has XP installed upgrading to 512MB of memory is a good idea. What use will it be put to?

  [DELETED] 00:54 18 Sep 2003

To quote maj, it all depends on what the PC is going to be used for. 512MB ram is always a good place to start. Your going to have to get a new motherboard if you want a new CPU as Socket 370 went out a while ago.

A new hard drive may help, but if there aren't going to be a any big programs on there, there is not really a massive need for it.

  [DELETED] 09:34 18 Sep 2003

Is it possible to fit a new motherboard into my machine and will all my existing hardware be compatitible.

What I am really after is giving my daughter a PC which will last her for the next few years.

It will be used for surfing the net,emails,homework,the odd game which will not be that graphic intensive and she will want to have a good encyclopedia on the PC.

  [DELETED] 10:11 18 Sep 2003

Yes it is possible to fit a new motherboard, gcs_uk, and all of your hardware should be compatible if it's running okay on XP at the moment. But fitting a new motherboard to upgrade the processor will also mean that you'll probably need new DDR memory as well, also maybe a new PSU (Power Supply). All that will cost you a couple of hundred quid roughly (depending on what you get), to upgrade a PC that already does what you want it to do (and should do it for another few years) without too much bother.

  [DELETED] 10:16 18 Sep 2003

gcs_uk - Just up the RAM by 256 Mb or even 512 Mb. Given that it just for work, internet and light gaming there not much needs doing...

I wouldn't bother changing anything else unless more storage is needed then maybe add another 20 - 30 Gb drive.

How much space is left on the current hard drive?

  [DELETED] 10:32 18 Sep 2003

From the spec you have stated, I would not upgrade at all if the PC is used just for homework like MS Office/Internet/odd games I would just stick to your current configuration.

I have a Pentium 4 1.3GHZ 256MB RD-Ram 40GB hardrive using a Geforce 2 64mb 440 graphics card running XP Pro and I a have no problems as I leave it on permanently as I have a Broadband connection and constantly downloading.

XP is a good Operating System for releasing memory so unless your daughter is a hardcore gamer its fine as I have givern up on the speed race and stick to my PS2

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