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  [DELETED] 10:06 09 Sep 2003

Basicly I have a 1333Mhz K7, an Ecs K7S5A board, a Maxtor 40 gig 7200rpm HDD, 256MB DDR RAM, and a Hercules 3D Profit 4500 (64MB RAM). CD Writer, DVD et al.

I am thinking of making some simply upgrades, I do not need more storage since I have never even got 20 gigs on my HDD let alone close to 40, and do not use video et cetera. My gut is to go for more RAM, but I am wondering how much difference would it make? The system is used mainly for games and office type applications, whilst the computer is more than capible of the later, I think it needs a bit more power for the former. So would it not be better to get a better graphics card, or faster processor?

I do not want to do to much in the form of upgrafes because hopefully I should be off to the RMA Sandhurst next year, so the computer will be staying at home. So any ideas on what to upgrade are greatly appreciated.


  [DELETED] 12:11 09 Sep 2003

addding a higher spec graphics card will certainly add to your fulfilment of gaming everything just looks better for it and the games applications will certainly run alot better with an higher influx of ram -have fun hol pol...

  [DELETED] 12:15 09 Sep 2003

Not much to upgrade if you want to stay small.

Maybe another 256 RAM (or even 512 Mb)

Maybe a newer G Card too (as per Holly Polly)

  [DELETED] 12:42 09 Sep 2003

I would say that out of all the spec listed, i would upgrade your graphics card to a 128 DDR RAM card. G-force FX5200 is a good budget card.

  [DELETED] 13:09 09 Sep 2003

Cheers guys, I think next pay day I might be getting a new toy.

  [DELETED] 13:33 09 Sep 2003

another thing that no-one has mentioned yet is the thing that you look at all the time, it wont make your machine any faster but upgrading my monitor for a bigger higher resolution model has been one of the best upgrades i have ever made, the extra screen acreage lets you see so much more at once and therefore you are more productive, (and that little bloke hiding on the horizon waiting to shoot you is just a bit easier to see). truth is i did upgrade my memory and Gfx card first but give your monitor some thought as upgrading it will bring benefits that you can actually see. H

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